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[COR-FB] The Request

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Location: King's Harbour

Type: Small Cultural (Government office)

Governor Cooke sat in his office reading his mail. There was a knock on his door, and a soldier entered.

39595130024_ef6bdc8d4c_z.jpgThe request by North White, on Flickr

"There's a Lady Mesabi here to see you sir." the soldier said.

"Curious, send her in." He replied.

Countess Mesabi entered holding an envelope.

39409397925_9df644533d_z.jpgThe request by North White, on Flickr

"Good afternoon, Governor Cooke. As acting Chair of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, I'd like to formally present to you our request." She said cautiously, and handed him the envelope.

"Very well, Madam." he said, equally cautious.

26434439138_9120fba7f5_z.jpgThe request by North White, on Flickr

He opened the Envelope, and began to read. 

26434439168_4a5ee38319_z.jpgThe request by North White, on Flickr


February, 618, iuxta imperium

To Captain Cooke,

Post Captain, Mayor of King's Harbour, Colonial Governor of the Southern Isles,

When in time it becomes necessary for the progression of events, and thusly, the progression and expansion of commerce,

For it is Commerce that pays for our majestic sciences, schools, and research,

For it is Commerce that has allowed us to build this great wagonway of Cocovia,

For it is Commerce, which has granted us, in the name of the queen, these three great cities, and more to come,

And thus it is Commerce that must expand,

We hereby ask for the Licensing of the Wayfarer Trading Company,

And a monopoly on the creation of weapons,

In the name of Our Gods,

And our great Queen Annetta,


Agnes Mesabi

Countess of Debonshire

Acting CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation

"So, Governor Cooke, What say you?" She asked.


Just a small build requesting the licensing status for the WTC. Sorry @Bregir, I had like none of the parts you showed me for Cooke. King's Harbour is free to license this, I'll be concentrating my efforts in Mesabi Landing this month. C&C appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you @Bregir as to the WTC's Status!


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@Mesabi & @Drunknok

To the Wayfarer Trading Corporation,

The Commercial Office of the Southern Isles have processed your application for chartering the WTC under the Trading Company Act and found all formal requirements in place.

Hence, you are hereby informed that the Wayfarer Trading Corporation is now considered a chartered trading company of Corrington, with all the rights and obligations this entails.

Please be informed that continued chartering is contingent on unfaltering loyalty and service to the Crown, Her Royal Majesty, and her subjects, and may be revoked without warning should the WTC or its representatives trespass against these obligations.

Her Royal Majesty will be looking forward to seeing the WTC prosper in service to Corrington.

In service to Her Majesty

J. Grant

2nd Clerk, Commercial Office, Southern Isles

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