Will Lego ever return to an In-house Space Theme? We are going on 5+ years now...

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13 hours ago, hagridshut said:

This does bring to mind one problem I have with Star Wars as the major space theme.  It is almost entirely centered on combat and warfare.  The single-mindedness of this gets boring, because there is so much more to space civilizations than incessant violence.

This is an interesting point.

I am very much not in favour of the fetishisation of war in real life, but somehow I never had a problem with war in Star Wars. I suppose because there was always plenty of humour and personal interaction mixed into the stories, and also the military were a bit hopeless (Stormtroopers can't shoot straight, Star Destroyers crash into each other and so on and so forth).

But that is perhaps one of the reasons why Rogue One is my least favourite Star Wars films, because it is tending towards just being a war film. And for me, Star Wars must always be leavened with Ewoks and Gungans and jokes to avoid going down that path to the (military) dark side...

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I could'nt agree more with this thread. I've never been an Space fan, but I know very well the 90s sets and, hell, the supporters of the classic themes we are all on the sime side. :grin:

I just checked some of the factions that you mentioned in the list. Some of them were so familiar to me, others not. Anyway, I realized how original and daring were some of them. A very beautiful and desirable theme indeed. 

On the other hand, I just don't understand a few comments that I've read on this thread. Absurd statements pretending to not understand what the author means with "In-house Space", by giving examples of what Space is NOT, or even denying the importance of the theme. 

About the future: it does'nt seem likely that an In-house Space wave will come in the short term. In the past, Space used to be the only sci-fi theme. Now, sci-fi is everywhere, in all themes. And, there is no need to say that again, but Star Wars is endlessly making movies, series and videogames. 

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