[COR-FB] King's Harbour port - The start of an endeavor (part 2)

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Character backstories:

40228461782_ac4aa594d9.jpgNB by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

Captain Nathaniel Brickford of the Corrington Marines 

Nathaniel Brickford was born to the well-to-do parents of Richard Brickford and Eleanor Edwards. His father was a veteran of the Juniper War, before settling down on a farm in Northern Corrington to raise corn. Nathaniel grew up in a time of peace during the Second Era, so education and the learning of a trade were his parents main concern for him. Nathaniel turned 18 shortly after the death of his grandfather, who was a veteran of both the 49 years War and the Juniper War as part of the Queen's Royal Guard. He decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, so he enlisted in the Queens Royal Guard at 19. He Left home shortly after to assume his new duties. He trained and worked hard to advance to the rank of Corporal in the Royal Guard. At the age of 20, Nathaniel started to get a hunger to explore the new world. When the time came to re-enlist, and he heard news of a group of marines who were being shipped off to protect the interests of the Crown, he immediately enlisted in the Corrington Marines and received a commission as a Lieutenant for his service in the Royal Guard. As the sole heir to his family's fortune, he did not even need to work to live a comfortable life, however he had a desire to make a name for himself. After an incident aboard the troop transport ship "Eagle" he was promoted to Captain. Now he is stationed in King's Harbour, ready to unfold the next chapter of his life.

25402057197_218787f471.jpgRB by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

Richard Brickford

Richard Brickford was born during tumultuous times of war. He had a difficult childhood, but had loving parents who helped guide him through it. His father was a military veteran of both the 49 years War and the Juniper War. Richard enlisted in the Marines and went on to become a decorated veteran of the Juniper War with his father. After the war when things quieted down, he married his childhood sweetheart, Eleanor Edwards. Together they moved to Northern Corrington and started a farm for raising  corn. Little did they know that it would make them rather wealthy! Together they had only one son, Nathaniel, who followed in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps and joined the military. After his son had safely made it to King's Harbour, Richard had the most wonderful idea! He would also travel to King's Harbour and see about starting a new endeavor in the islands! Only time will tell if it will be as profitable as his corn plantation.

40228461302_fc91c2f322.jpgRC by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

Ralph Clutchington

Ralph Clutchington is the loyal employee/accountant/manager of Richard Brickford and although Richard will never admit it, he is also his cousin. Ralph was always a queer fellow. He was fired from his first job at a dairy farm because he tried teaching the cows to do handstands. Out of pity (and pressure form his aunt), Richard decided to hire him and teach him some important skills such as math and leadership. Fortunately, Ralph turned out to be great at both so he was promoted to general manager. He was even put in charge of building some properties in Mesabi Landing on behalf of his boss before Richard unexpectedly picked him up to help in his newest business endeavor! He wasn't very pleased though, because he has always been more of a land lubber rather then a sailor.  

25402057417_cf7333a469.jpgEP by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

Elijah Plates

Elijah Plates is a skilled retired naval officer and even though he has been retired from active duty for nearly 25 years he refuses to wear anything but his naval uniform. He is a old friend of Nathaniel Brickford's grandfather and father. Richard Brickford hired him to captain one of his ships to King's Harbour.  Very much stuck in his ways, the only reason he accepted Richard's offer was because they are old friends. However, he is pleasant to be around and always more than willing to tell a good story about his time in the navy, which may or may not include the entire truth. Like the time he tried to tell the neighborhood children how he fought off an entire enemy fleet of 80 gun ships by himself in only a dingy, with one pistol and a cutlass.

25402056947_3c0a610ef6.jpgSC by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

Sabastian Carver 

Sabastian Carver is a master carpenter, skilled sail maker, amateur barber and an army friend of Richard Brickford. He has been living in King's Harbour for quite some time, trying to 'break into' the shipbuilding industry. Unable to find a suitable position of management, he instead decided to offer a hair cutting service to anyone willing to be his guinea pig. He's never had any repeat customers but always is informed on most of the city's newest news... So, when he received a letter from his old friend Richard Brickford, seeing if he would be interested in a new opportunity he was thinking about. Sabastian jumped at the idea and wrote back that he would very much like that! So he has been waiting for Richard's ship to arrive for several weeks now to discuss what Richard has actually dreamed up!  




King's Harbour port

25380154187_43049522b7_b.jpgKH 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

After a safe and uneventful journey to King's Harbour, the trio of Richard Brickford, Ralph Clutchington, and Elijah Plates all arrived safely aboard the brig "Swift".

40251061711_7654e5ffcf_b.jpgKH 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

Nathaniel was waiting on the dock for them to arrive.

"Hello father! How have you and mother been?" inquired Nathaniel.

"We've both been doing very fine".

"Well, I managed to track down Sabastian for you father."

"Splendid! Then let us go and start talking!"

40253369071_c9bc06d7cd_b.jpgKH 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr

"How's it going my old friend, what money making scheme have you cooked up this time!" Sabastian exclaimed.

"Well, I struck upon the idea of forming a trading company in the islands and I'd like the four of us as well as Elijah to found it." replied Richard.

"That's a wonderful idea Richard! Why wouldn't you tell me that on the boat ride over?" questioned Ralph.

"Because it was neater for a big, elaborate reveal."


"What will it be called father?" asked Nathaniel.

"It will be branded Brickford & Brickford Trading Company!" Replied Richard excitedly.

"It will take at least a month or two to get all the necessary paperwork and required permits sir." Ralph interjected.

"Not a problem!" exclaimed Sabastian. "In the mean time I heard from one of my guinea pi-, I mean one of my customers that a grand ball is being held by the Colonial Governor! You would certainly want to meet him before finalizing any of your plans, I hear is a very agreeable fellow."

"Then we have our course of action that we will follow." Decided Richard. " But first, lets find an inn that we can stay at and get more organized."



(OOC) I hope you enjoyed reading my character backstories! They certainly were fun to write! I decided to make a dock MOC to show all my characters converging in King's Harbour. Also, I didn't notice a large commerce like this in the King's Harbour thread, so I figured it would be a nice addition to the city. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for checking it out!


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