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Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner!

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Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner (that's my screen name, I obviously don't go by that in real life.)  One of my few real-life friends, @TechnicRCRacer, reccomended I take a look at this forum.  I did, and I decided to create a new account.  I've been told that the "Hello, my name is..." is to introduce ourselves briefly, so here goes;

-I'm a huge Tolkien nerd, as you can probably tell from my profile.

-I'm also a huge history nerd; I'm mostly interested in the Dark Ages - Late Middle Ages.

-I also read a lot of science fiction -- I greatly enjoy Asimov's works, Dune, Warhammer 40k (though I can't afford to play; seriously, Games Workshop, $1,300 for a model?  Are you kidding me?)

-I've done quite a bit of Lego (though not nearly as much as most members on this forum), but mostly just from sets and instructions.  I don't really have enough money to buy the largest sets, nor do I have enough to purchase shipping from Europe, which is where most of the pieces originate from.  I like the new Saturn V set, and generally enjoy Lego's realisic space sets.  I like Technic and I think that most of the larger Creator sets are really good.

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