Leonardo da Bricki

[GBW] Leonardo da Bricki - Custom Minifig Contest

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Entry: Toohati 61st Recon Elite, Jungle Camo



39561584724_83644ea56b_c.jpg[GBW] Custom Fig Contest!




39561589744_b52e1fa580_c.jpg[GBW] Custom Fig Contest!




39375189125_9b480102e1_c.jpg[GBW] Custom Fig Contest!



1. 100% Lego head, torso, and legs.


1. EclipseGRAFX Tactical Gloves

2. BrickArms MCH helmet

3. BrickArms M-16 DBR rifle

4. BrickArms UCS pistol


Bonus Photo!


Just a bonus photo showing off these awesome EclipseGRAFX printed tac gloves... Awesome!


25401680707_53444c7bd1_c.jpgThose gloves...


EDIT: Just realized the chinstrap is showing in the rear photo... The only issue with Lego's dual-sided heads... :blush:

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