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[SR - FB2] - February '618 - FTA's Fuerte Unido Office (Papaver House)

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Crisis can bring opportunity.

While their ships were detained by the Eslandolan government in February '618, the FTA captains took it upon themselves to find lodging more comfortable than the dockside inns.  Using the profits they had made in port, they purchased a small estate known locally as Papaver House - after the distinct red flowers cultivated in the garden.  Not only did this serve as housing for the captains while the bureaucratic fracas played out, it was also decided it would be a suitable location for a new trade office.






Needing a factor to run the office, the Sirrus' First Mate Edgar Marquez was selected.  He had faithfully served under Captain Preston dating back to their days as pirates, but taking a splinter during a battle this past October had severely hampered his mobility.  Rather than cash him out, this gave the former Eslandolan privateer a regular stipend and a new purpose.  And since Papaver House was opulently appointed (in order to more easily deal with the rich merchant class of the town), his life would be one of wealth that he had never would have dreamed of.



This is the second in my series of FTA satellite offices, and in this case I tried to mimic the architectural style of the Brickwall Memorial Park.  The style was actually a lot of fun to try out and is very striking in real life. While I am happy overall, the exterior pictures are not great (I hope to redo them later this week), and I only had 11 of the dark tan brick facade pieces; I wish I had more to use as an accent. 

And I can't forget to mention that my proud 7 yo did the gardening and was insistent that I mention it. :wink:


Some further story below:



Hello Captain Pike.  You look distressed.



I just finished being lectured to by that fool Monezterrell.  I explained to him that fighting started due one of my midshipmen being bribed by the Pirate Lords out of Rassilon.

Midshipman Formes, correct?

Yes. Ron G. Formes.  And he was both receptive to that fact and gave me his sympathies.  However, they are still going to take the Peregrine from me.

I don't understand.  Under what justification?

Because it fought against them in the Battle of Five Fleets and I think their pride is still hurting from that thrashing we gave them.  The fact that I was not even its captain back then does not seem to matter.

My word.  The audacity of it!

I agree, and it angers me greatly but there is nothing to made of it.  Please find me some ink and paper - I need to recall the Toucan before the convoy next sets sail.

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Well, setting up trade company offices when detained is certainly making the most of the situation! A welcome addition to Fuerte Unido, and I like that you used the style of the Brickwall Memorial. Very nice! But I think I actually like the interior more -- it looks very comfortable! :pir-grin: You do a great job detailing the interior.

Good story, too. The lore of BoBS is building over time, and the Battle of the Five Fleets was a major event.

Well done all around! :thumbup:

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And here I thought the 11 bricks was intentional .... Good build ... I think the styling translated well ... The columbs are a nice touch as well.   

And let the 7 year old be known thats some fine gardening lol

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Glad you guys liked it.  I have to admit I cringed a bit at the last photo.  You can really tell which of those white bricks have been with since I was a kid; the yellowing and chipping is pretty noticeable. :blush:

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The garden is very well built, the trees and flowers are orderly distributed. You did a good job on the interior, with the fully tiled floor and all these nice furnitures.

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I missed this one...

That's a very classy one (regarding the other built of the settlement)... just needing some pedantic gentlemen to run the office !

@Kwatchi : the gardening is awesome !  :wink:    Pedantic as this office.

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