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Should 12v train motor bb12vb be split on bricklink catalogs?

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Hello again,

The catalog administrator(s) is not convinced to split the types 2 and 3 train motor on catalog of bricklink. I wrote a message on bricklink forum to invite people giving their opinion for or against this. To simplify matters, I copy my thread on bricklink here. Please take time and comment your opinion on bricklink to help the admins making the best decision.

Here is the link:

And here is my thread:

It is known that the 12V train motors came in 4 types. Please see photos 1 and


Variations of Lego train 12V motors


Variations of Lego train 12V motors


Numbered black and red 12V motors from top

Their difference are on top "pin" and contact holes.
On types 1 and 2, the pin is integrated to the case, but on types 3 and 4, the
pin is separated from the case, so if you open the motor, you can take off the
pin. This is advantageous if the pin of your motor is broken, then you can find
another motor that don't work, and uses its pin to repair your motor. see
the third photo in which I drew a yellow circle around the pin.

broken motor type 3

On bricklink catalogs, the types 2 and 3 are not distinguished, both named bb12vb.
In summary:
bb12va (red or black): type 1
bb12vb (red or black): types 2 AND 3
bb12vc (available only in black): type 4
bb12v: undetermined type

The Catalog Administrator(s) is not convinced to split bb12vb in two items. I
don't find this consistent with other items split in various types. For example,
part "4085 Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical" is split in 4 items even
if it is very hard to distinguish them from each other.
I think it is correct to distinguish parts 2 and 3, and split bb12vb. At the
same type, bb12v will be kept for undetermined type.
Please note that type 2 motor was release since 1981 until mid 1982 so it could
not have come with trains 7735 or 7745 from 1985. There are other examples similar
to this. This would be important for collectors, who want to have the correct
type on their 12v train(s).
Please comment here and give your opinion (for or against).

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