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Restoring Order, Mesabi Landing [Part Two]

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Restoring Order, Mesabi Landing by Ayrlego

A letter to Colonel Allcock by @Drunknok

Dramatis Personae: Ayrlego





Port Woodhouse, early January 618AE

Mayor of Port Woodhouse, Commander Matthew Allcock RN and Major William Bradley, Commanding Officer, Paradise Isles Garrison emerged from the temporary headquarters building, currently guarded by a soldier from a Highland regiment. The pair had decided to take some fresh air after being locked inside most of the morning discussing directions that they had just received from the Colonial Governor who was in Jameston preparing an expedition into the interior of Celestia.


"It's a tricky situation" said Bradley,

"Indeed" replied Allcock, "However my cousin assures me that your previous experience on the Isla de Medio - both times - means you are the perfect man for the job."

Bradley just grunted. The two had been discussing his orders to take a force of regulars to the allegedly wayward colony of Mesabi Landing on the south western tip of the Paradise Isles.

"My cousin's source in Mesabi Landing arrived here last night, she is waiting to meet you in the markets to give you a brief on what you can expect to find in the settlement. It appears the WTC either got word of our impeding intervention, or for whatever reason decided to clean their act up. Things have apparently calmed down since she first arrived there." said Allcock

"Shouldn't it be Mesabi's Landing - with an apostrophe?" queried Bradley

"Apparently not" replied Allcock, deadpan.

"This news of the construction of a fort is worrisome, I didn't realise private entities could construct fortifications in Her Majesties colonies" stated Bradley

"My cousin assures me it is not illegal, although like you point out, it is somewhat irregular. He believes that the WTC will claim that the erratic behaviour of Major Mason at Fort Agravia necessitate them having their own protection"

"If you ask me the only thing the Paradise Isles needs protection against right now is the WTC." shot back a somewhat irritated Bradley. "Now I have to leave the development of our most strategic post in the East Prio sea to supervise a colony controlled by an arrogant trade company and populated by horse eating drunks." Finally, the Major's frustration got the better of him, his composure slipping. Allcock sympathised with him but said nothing. Bradley sighed. "Duty was never meant to be easy. I shall go to Mesabi Landing" he stressed the last syllable of Mesabi, "Relieve Major Mason and replace the garrison of Fort Agravia, restore order in the streets and ensure the current order is not simply a sham"

"Remember the Governor has given you full power to suspend civil government and institute Military law, although he is depending on your discretion to only use this as a last resort. The WTC has currently made overtures that it intends to reign in some of its somewhat questionable behaviour"

"Yes, I've seen the declarations that they are unyieldingly loyal servants of Her Majesty, the gods help them if that proves wrong." stated Bradley with quiet determination.

With those ominous words, the two parted ways.

later that morning at the fish markets near the docks, where Major Bradley's troops were already loading transports.




Licensed as a small commerce, Port Woodhouse

"They accused me of being a prostitute, then when I wouldn't accept any of there custom, a witch" sighed Jessica Campbell. Bradley looked at the very capable looking young women and decided that he wouldn't want to be on the end of one of her refusals. His keen eye could see at least one concealed pistol and what he suspected was a rather large knife. The story Jessica told matched the intelligence Governor Allcock had conveyed to him and Commander Allcock. The debauchery that existed when she had arrived had one day all of a sudden given way to ruthlessly enforced sobriety. It appeared Major Mason was ineffective, having succumbed to angry flights of rage and frustration. Bradley decided he would need to guard carefully against the same fate, although he had the Governors warrant if required. It would certainly be an interesting time...

Mesabi Landing, mid February 618AE

After several delays due to storms, Major Bradley and his men finally reached Mesabi Landing and marched towards the Fort Agravia, brass polished, flint tight in their muskets and making a great show of a professional fighting force.


Major Bradley's first impressions of the settlement were that his intelligence was correct, the WTC had restored order. The WTC fort appeared finished and operational. He would present himself to the Mayor after sorting out Major Mason and Fort Agravia - unless of course the Mayor found him first....


A somewhat delayed part two - life has been crazy this year and I was focusing my reduced BoBS time on the challenge, so apologies to Drunknok for taking so long. It would appear by now that Governor Allcock's reply to Mordo has been lost in the same storms that delayed Major Bradley's arrival, something that will no doubt further complicate relations with the WTC :pir-oh:!

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Excellent Builds, and an excellent story @Ayrlego! Each of the builds really helps to further the story while looking clean and profesional. Thanks for doing this excellent CoLab, with @Drunknok!

15 hours ago, Ayrlego said:

"Shouldn't it be Mesabi's Landing - with an apostrophe?" queried Bradley

"Apparently not" replied Allcock, deadpan.

Mesabi Landing is named for the act of Mesabi Landing on Argentia. It's not his Landing. :pir-laugh:

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Ayrlego, your sense of colour and polish show through once again.  And that fish hook technique - consider that "borrowed". :pir-grin:

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What a fantastic series of microbuilds, along with some great story. Superb work!

I really love the contrast between Port Woodhouse (rather friendly) and Mesabi Landing (rather harsh in appearance) as displayed between first and last scene. Similar shots, yet different flair. Great.

The fish market is really cool, the studs for the horizontal brown plates are a bit disturbing and I think tiles would have worked better, but really that's all I can criticize. Great use of the sail, that irregular base is superbly smooth, the fish and palmtrees work great. Nice scene.

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