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Perfect fighter jet canopy cockpit

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Hi! I'm working on a new cockpit canopy and wonder if this is something people would buy.

I've been building fighter jets for many years now. However for a long time the cockpit canopy isn't the best for the different ways it works in reality. 

Brick 30384 and 92279 

So I've been doing a 3d model of them and they have now been printed. Working with a plastic company to get a prototyp.

So the pices are made to fit most of the "modern" fighter jet canopy. Like F18, F14 etc. 

So first you have a shorted 30384 that will remain fixed on the aircraft, like F18. And a extended  92279 by 3 studs that will be the canopy that opens and closes.  

Another version (not printed) is the F16 version canopy. 

So my question for you guys are. Is this something of interest? They would be made as close to lego's as possible. 

25357913517_488abcd605_z.jpgF16 version by Anton Öhrling, on Flickr


39331380075_6fda9788a6_z.jpgF16 D canopy by Anton Öhrling, on Flickr


39518148844_c2d8bd6c61_z.jpgF16 C canopy by Anton Öhrling, on Flickr

prototyp 3d print 1.jpg

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I'm certain a lot of builders would be interested, it looks almost like an official part. :classic:

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