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This is the second mod I have done to Lego's 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS set.


I used the same height lift as I used on my previous Porsche mod and moved forward the bottom arms in the front and the rear of the chassis to add negative camber.

The car was able to roll without the body on, but once I put it on, it couldn't roll. This means the car is now purely a display model.

As much as a JDM fanboy I am, I'm kind of upset with the result of the car not moving, but at least I'm glad that I stanced this car anyways just for the fun of it.

Although, quote automotive YouTuber GasKings, the camber angle does seem a bit too much on here like "a baby giraffe taking its first steps."

So, what do you think of this mod I have done? Is it CamberGang worthy? I think it looks neat, but I would like to get rid of the camber (and the height lift) so I can roll this car around again.

Here's some more pictures of the car I took. Thanks as always for checking this out, and I hope you'll stick around for my next builds.



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The main goal of adding Camber is being able put some larger wheel.

So camber with stock wheel is useless.

If you want to stanced your Porsche, try to set up an airride, and add larger wheel or even better try to build and RWB kit with a duck tail.

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1 hour ago, Myers Lego Technic said:

If anything negative camber decreases performance, and in my opinion looks bad. It is good technical practice I would suppose, though.

a few degrees can be very helpful for improving cornering performance, depending on the car, but stance levels is indeed a pure negative in terms of performance


OP, i love the idea, but the angle is just a bit too silly, and not being able to roll kind of ruins the whole thing for me, maybe some flared wheel arches could fix that? (or see if you can reduce the camber, maybe see if you can extend the bottom arms by half a stud rather then a whole stud)

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The wheels actually do roll (although it rolls better when I lift up the car a little) as I found out, but the car really won't steer. As much as I would like to make this look better and be more functional, I would rather convert it back to neutral camber and the car's stock form so I can use the car before tearing it apart for other builds. Thanks for all the replies!

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