Power Functions 2.0 connectors not compatible with existing PF....that stinks!!!

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I agree entirely on the "not new" issue!

BTW, back then we were simply not swallowing small magnets because "life in general" told us (somehow) not to do it. And when you did - it was simply your fault. But actually nobody did.

When playing with electrical toys, the number "9" told us not to plug any of that stuff it into a number "3" socket. And when you did, it was your fault. But then: You were at least 15 years old, as the stuff had not changed that often.  

Maybe we are overprotecting the world, maybe not. Today though, you can channel 20 V into the "9V" LEGO LiPo and it says: Got anything more impressive?

They'll figure it out. And don't even need "hardware coding".


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