Digital Union Pacific Caboose (Now with other freight cars!)

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Since I don't want to make a bunch of posts for a bunch of freight cars, I'm going to dump em here:


39459958824_7b65462a57_t.jpgflatcar betterer by Jason_train, on Flickr

And a Gondola:

26297880728_cba7f50e2d_t.jpg50-ish foot gondola by Jason_train, on Flickr

I like the boogies on this one a lot. 

39272211635_1ca5d6d691_t.jpg50-ish foot gondola by Jason_train, on Flickr

I think I deleted my renders for my Tankers, so I'll have to whip some up eventually.

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On 2/9/2018 at 10:46 PM, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

Lovely caboose, I like the internal details! :wub:

Thank you! The fun part will be building it out of real bricks. :)


Aaaaand here's that tanker. Wanted to make it in black, but either Lego didn't make the part in that color, or it was expensive, I forget which. The rigid tubing will be bent into a ladder once it's built in real life.

40206495581_8edbfb6b0c_t.jpgTanker car by Jason_train, on Flickr

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