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[SR-FB1] Feb '18 - Power Shifts

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Feb 8, 618: Mayor's Office, Charlatan Bay


Yes, come in!
Ma'am, I come with an official protest from Captain Jardine.  With the... um... demise Bishop Meloche and his inner circle, you are now the highest ranking municipal leader in Charlatan Bay. You do understand?
Yes, yes.  Stop wasting my time.  Just get to the point before I anger.
Madam, as you are now in charge of the town, you need to deal with… its… um … continued welfare.  In example - you have yet to address the seizing of the Peregrine by Eslandolan forces, let alone that they are detaining the FTA trade fleet, in Fuerte Unido.
Captain Pike has the authority to address this and I believe he has recalled the Toucan into service.  Now Mister Delleli, I believe I warned you to get to the point.  Please do so before the point of my sword beats you to it!.
Yes ma'am.  The jist of it is that your commissioning of a new ship for your own purposes has given the military governor, Captain Jardines, the erm.... impression you plan to depart.
The colony requires its civilian government to function! Who shall be in charge while you are gone ma'am?
Is that all?  Hah! I have already taken care of it.  Let me introduce my deputy mayor, who will act in my absence...
Jared Gordon, at your service Sir.
So with that settled, I have other business gentlemen.  Good day to you.
But ma'am...

Yes ma'am.  Good day ma'am.






Close the door behind you. 
Did you find it?!
Yes, Cap'n.  The Mardierians dumped it right where you said they would.
With this and his diary, we may still have a chance.  Have the Puck's Jest II made ready to sail.  We leave at dawn!
So this was a joint effort.  Gulagurag (who enjoys building and sailing part of BoBS, and can't be bothered with the rest) did the office and the story, while I got stuck with the photos, posting, and forms. (And since I took the time to post it, I get the 10dbs!!! :tongue:) This build has actually been languishing for a while on the shelf while we dealt with other nonsense, but finally starts off our Era 2 story line in earnest.
It will also serve as the sister-ship build for the Puck's Jest, lost back in October.

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Oh-ho - developments!  Great to see something moving over in Charlatan Bay again, and can't wait to see where things keep going from here! :pir-wink:

As to the build: the bars seem quite appropriate for a town like CB and add some nice flair to the build, and I like the use of the printed tiles on the table there!

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9 hours ago, Roadmonkeytj said:

Did i miss something whos head was burried


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Nice build! I also like the floor and I somehow loved the way that someone with a hilarious name (seriously FISH?? :laugh: ) comes with a sack and then a skull is pulled out :wink:

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That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.


I'm not sure I would count on a priest of Hades to stay dead.

Edited by kaiju

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Nice developments Kwatchi, I always enjoy your Charlatan Bay storyline, it's always interesting to see where it goes!

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With most of this story before my time here, I can not wait how this "reboot" continues! Dark magic FTW! :devil::thumbup:

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