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[COR-FB] King's Harbour Boatsheds

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For more than a year, ship building had been a stable part of the King's Harbour industry. Until recently, this had mostly been done on slipways on the beach on the Eastern coast of the bay. While still a thriving industry, the slipways leaves the hulls (and workmen) susceptible to the weather of the tropics.


Hence, piers and quays have started being built radiating out from the settlement itself, into what will probably become an entire shipyard complex in time.


On these quays, local boat wrights have erected boat sheds with internal slipways in which they can work unaffected by wind and rain, which has led to the boats built being of significantly higher quality. These boats are being used for both local trade and fishing, and for the Royal Navy.


Will be licensed as a medium artisan. Thanks for looking - C&C welcome. This was a fun build - nothing special, but I like how it turned out and continues the narrative of King's Harbour as a centre of naval construction.

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A clean and functional build, with some nice details depicting the work process. The stack of wood and the person sawing pieces to size is cool, as are the two workers on the inside.


A detachable roof and a scene on the inside would take the build to another level, and I feel the studded unstructured outside area detracts a bit from the otherwise good overall look.


An overall nice MOC, with some excellent minifig posing. Well done! :thumbup:

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Great idea for a very clean and clever MOC. I sure like it.

I think some more points of imperfection (a small crack in the roof, some cobblestones, something floating in the water, a bit of dirt on the ground, a seagull, etc.) would have added a lot to the MOC.

The placing and posing of the minifigures is fantastic, especially the guy with the saw and the other guy carrying in some wood are amazingly well done.

Will we see the ship that is being built inside in another MOC? :-) 

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