(MOC) Shadow Squadron Microfighters

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Hi All,

First post here, so forgive me if this is in the wrong place, etc. I read through the 'READ THIS FIRST' posts and looked around a bit, so I think this is the correct place for these!
I spent the last couple weeks on and off working on a set of Star Wars Micofighers, building, rebuilding, changing, stripping, rebuilding, tweaking, etc. After building several of them, I decided to create a custom set with unique color schemes and call them the "Shadow Squadron." (Also considered "Wraith Squadron" and "Stealth Squadron", but according to Wookieepedia, both of those were alternate names for Wedge Antilles' "Gray Squadron")

Beyond that, I actually put a lot of thought into the types of weapons I had on each one as well. I have hyperlinks to Wookieepedia with explanations for each specific weapon. If you really want to read about them, feel free to do so! If not, by all means ignore the links =) At the very bottom of the post, I put an index of the specific piece and the corresponding weapon I imagined it to be. Sorry for this being a HUGELY long post. Wanted to get enough pics in to show it all!

My internal goals were to have the following items factor into each:

  • Must be able to hold a mini-figure
  • Mostly Blue and Black color schemes
  • Highlights in transparent red
  • Place for two lightsabers to attach on each vehicle
  • Blue or Clear wedge piece for the windshield
  • Keep the same overall structure as the original Star Wars ships but modify the weaponry
  • Regarding weapons, have a CONSISTENT rationale for why I used a specific piece for a weapon and keep them consistent across ships (What piece = a laser canon vs ion cannon vs turbo laser, etc)
  • If possible, customize the design so it's not just copying an existing LEGO set with different colors

Overall the squad consists of:

  • Millennium Falcon (Custom design with lots of different features and weapons)
  • X-Wing (Custom design and modified weapons; I tried to make it significantly different than the current X-Wing Microfighters available.)
  • Tie Silencer (Heavily Modified version of Kylo Ren's Microfighter [Set 75196] with custom weapons)
  • Tie Bomber (Custom design with slightly modified weapons)
  • A-Wing (Least modified of the bunch, based on the A-Wing Microfighter [Set 75196], just updated colors and guns a bit)
  • AT-ST with a Tiny Tie Fighter and Tie Advanced escort drones (AT-ST similar to [Set 30054], Tie Fighter similar to [Set 3219], Custom Tie Advanced) 

Here's the the Stealth Squadron on a stand that I put together. Individual pictures of each ship along with design/weapon details are also below.


Fighter #1: Millennium Falcon






40012722022_13834b95ac_c.jpg Side doors open to reveal the two Chainguns used mainly for infantry support




40045394681_db64dbfe30_c.jpg Opening the Bay Door to let the drone out

40012720802_f771db45a3_c.jpg Detachable cockpit turns into a speeder



Fighter #2: X-Wing

  • Custom Design Design, I tried to make is significantly different than other Microfighter X-Wing models
  • A Turbo Laser Cannon underneath the front of the ship
  • Two Laser Cannons just in front of the cockpit on the sides
  • Ion Cluster Bomb launcher on each side of the cockpit
  • Two front-facing laser cannons close to the body on the lower wings
  • Two rear-facing laser cannons close to the body on the lower wings
  • Instead of standard Laser Cannons at the end of each wing, it's using experimental Turbo Laser-Beam Cannon (I made these up, but basically think Turbo Laser with a sustained beam)
  • Hyperdrive and sub-light engines as well as an Afterburner for sub-light speed boosts
  • Two rear-facing laser cannons above the Afterburner
  • Cloaking Device
  • Heavy Shield Generator (Underneath)
  • Hyperdrive and sub-light engine

40045393471_8b3ca68b22_c.jpg Attack Position

40012719322_20df31a487_c.jpg Cruise Position




28266135499_d2d9cda4fc_c.jpgShowing the adjustable Turbo Laser Cannon


Fighter #3: Tie Silencer

  • Modified version of Kylo Ren's Microfighter [Set 75196]
  • Adjustable wings with multiple attack positions depending on the situation
  • Experimental Turbo-Laser Chaingun (Front Center, yes I made this one up too)
  • Two Proton Torpedo launchers (Flanking the chaingun)
  • Two Turbo Lasers (Flanking the torpedo launchers)
  • Two Ion Cannons (above the turbo lasers)
  • Two Laser Cannons (Next to the cockpit
  • Two Adjustable Turbo Lasers which also have modified Diamond Boron Missile launchers and are fully adjustable to fire up/down/sideways/backwards
  • Four rear-facing Laser Cannons on the back tip of each wing
  • Cloaking Device
  • Hyperdrive and sub-light engine
  • Repulsorlifts on the bottom for hovering




25173457707_12b055150b_c.jpg Wings Adjusted to alternate attack position

25173457347_71bd3446dd_c.jpg Adjustable Turbo Laser Cannons showing that they can shoot sideways if necessary

Fighter #4: Tie Bomber

  • Custom Design
  • Twin Laser Cannons with Concussion Missile Launchers
  • One additional Laser Cannon directly in front of the cockpit
  • Standard Proton Bombs
  • Heavy Shield Generator






Fighter #5: A-Wing

  • Slightly Modified design of the A-Wing Microfighter [Set 75196]
  • Upgraded Turbo-Laser Cannons with Flash suppressors
  • Proton Bomb in the back
  • Swivel droid head =D
  • Other than that, it's a pretty standard A-Wing





Fighter #6: AT-ST with Tiny Tie Fighter and Tie Advanced escort drones

  • Inspiration for the AT-ST [Set 30054], Tie Fighter [Set 3219], and custom Tie Advance
  • AT-ST has Twin Turbo Laser Cannons with Flash suppressors
  • Ion Cannon
  • Dual Thermal Detonator Launcher
  • Distortion Field Emitter
  • Cluster Bomb Launcher
  • Compact Superlaser turret
  • Red Power Crystal
  • Tie Fighter and Tie Advance Escorts equipped with dual mini Laser Cannons, rear-facing dual Thermal Detonator Launcher, and a rear-facing Laser Cannon, as well as heavy shield generators for ground troop support




Weapon Index

Whew - Ok, I'd welcome your thoughts/comments!

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Thanks, dude! They were a ton of fun and also a huge challenge since I didn't have a ton of pieces and had to make due with what I had... Falcon is definitely my favorite as well, probably took x4 as long to build though! Finished it then completely restructured it to make it hollow for the drone. Then tore apart the side to add the side doors and Chainguns. Then tore apart the other side to make the cockpit detatchable. Happy with how it turned out.

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I really like these. They remind me of the sorts of ships I built back in the 90s and 00s, especially with the Alpha Team bodies and the UFO alien head of your Falcon pilot. Back then I used a lot more translucent green though lol.

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22 hours ago, bootz said:

I really like these. They remind me of the sorts of ships I built back in the 90s and 00s, especially with the Alpha Team bodies and the UFO alien head of your Falcon pilot. Back then I used a lot more translucent green though lol.

Dude! Major props for catching the alien head on the Falcon pilot! Haha, I had some trans-green pieces, but ended up gearing more toward blue/black.


21 hours ago, LegoRacer1 said:

I really like there! My favorite is the Tie Bomber.

Thanks! Wasn't super hard to put together either! 

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