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[MOC] Julian's ~ A Downtown FroYo Shop

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Welcome to Julian's ~ A downtown FroYo Shop

ReBuild of LEGO Friends 41320 -- using only those parts.

Julian decided to move downtown when this sweet corner spot opened up. He got tired of cars parking in his drive-thru at the old location.

This corner storefront has a glass tiled entry, bay window, room for a deck and roof expansion.

As you can see on the table through the bay window, he lets customer add chocolate or strawberry sauce to their frozen yogurt.

Julian is getting ready to open, so he checking the menu for the day, after checking the cold-counter up front that keeps his Strawberries and FroYo.

Inside the one of the front curved window he displays the cherry danish and the chocolate bar rack is nearby.

Getting ready for the day!

After making sure he has cash, he knows he needs to check his refrigerator.

Yep, a good supply of watermelon too! He keeps the cones handy by the frig.

Julian is ready for customers after opening the back deck.

Another reason he liked this spot downtown -- room in the back to expand.

Oh, hey, there's a customer sitting on the deck ... or is it an 'old' Friend?

Sure, it's Olivia! Julian is ringing up a vanilla for her.

Olivia decided to wait for Julian in the alley break area that has a small canopy and Lemonade dispenser.

Another reason he likes this spot.

Julian also has a Festival booth, with so many downtown, such as the annual "Taste of Heartlake City" that he wouldn't want to miss.

He preps his soft-serve equipment by getting Olivia a chocolate FroYo cone.  She already bought his last Peppermint-chocolate cupcake.

Here's an up-close of his equipment: Refrigerator, Menu, Rooftop Sign, and front Cooler Cabinet.

The Frig's cold drawer slides out -- it's the clear shelf reversed onto the trans-blue windscreen which has bottom holes to clutch.

I love the 2x3 grey brick with 4 studs on the side used for his menu!

The rooftop sign is connected with a brown ink well element (same as nozzle on top of chocolate sauce container) that keeps a better fit for the purple dome piece than just with the white tile with stud.

The cooler cabinet with Strawberries on display actually started out as Art/Signage above the front door like older shops in downtowns.

Thanks for viewing!

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