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Count Sepulchure

[MOC] Tiny Turbos, anyone?

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Hello folks!

Tiny Turbos - does anyone remember this somewhat hit-and-miss Racers theme? Despite its discontinuation, moderately small interest in the 4-wide scale still persists on Flickr and MOCpages, and new pieces released are fueling fresh ideas among builders, myself included. One may find building a tiny car a very fun and rewarding experience - the key point to keep in mind is avoiding the overly dull and generic results, which sadly happens on many an occasion. Now, I am not too familiar with MOCpages, but this Flickr pool is a great place to start if you're looking for inspiration.




Normally I wouldn't bother with creating a separate topic for such a car myself, instead turning to Flickr, but this one is somewhat special. Since I was building for a contest, I went all-out on it, made a bunch of renders and maximised the capabilities of virtual MOCing. The car is made up using exactly 60 pieces, and as far as I can tell should be adequately sturdy IRL.






I used Metallic Sand Purple, which is a beautiful official colour that can be found (by legal means) within the depths of LDD. Rendered using Bluerender.






Under-the-hood trickery included!




Some obligatory animation, for there is no better way to showcase a car.




A couple more "panoramic" images.






Hope you enjoyed your stay and feel free to join in the fun! .)

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Very nice! The texturing on the sides is fabulous.

I used to love Tiny Turbos, although I didn't get too many of them. I do have a few of the race tracks that could fold up into boxes for storage, such a creative solution to packaging large parts.

Something I've always wondered was if the LEGO Dimensions minibuilds are compatible with Tiny Turbos. I'd assume they are but since all my TTs are disassembled I'm not sure.

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Thanks for stopping by! Folding racetrack was an amazing idea, yet not very practical for many reasons including their perishable and unruly (hard to keep flat) nature. Now, if only they came as multiple molds rather than just one - not that would've been epic! And Dimensions would be fine for play, but would need some tweaks for display.

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Oh man, I used to love Tiny Turbos. I think my brother and I ended up getting about all of the small ones that came in the plastic containers, thought nowadays they're all in pieces and half the stickers are ruined. I may have to look into rebuilding some of them...

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