Blacktron III shadow-speeder - Star Wars Sand / Snow speeders inspired MOC

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Just passing time with LDD and I somehow created a Blacktron III shadow speeder. (I think it was inspired by the Snow and Sand Speeder sets, such as 75204) The wings on the rear were exchanged for more menacing Batman ones, and the colors of the fold-opening windscreens changed to trans-yellow.


The ship is 100% build-able, and would feature a printed 2 x 2 curved slope with the "B" from this online store called Brick Builder's Pro


The rear of the ship features the engines and invisibility device cooling fins.


Both canopies open up to place figures inside. The needed figures would be the Rench alien figure's suit from SP3, with the new Nexo Knights heads from this year's energy Vampire baddies and the helmet from Series 10 Paintball player CMF.

Any thoughts on this idea?

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I like this idea of having different 'Snow' Speeders! Blacktron is one of my favourite themes and I like the setup of this MOC.

My suggestion is to tone it down with the light grey on the wings. It should be used for greebling and other small mechanical details that don't have a black plate to cover up for Blacktron IMHO. The rear grill for example is fine.

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