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[Esl Era 2 - Ch1 - Cat B2] A Volcano

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Era 2 Chalenge  1 Cat B2: A Volcano


Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda :

"After a little ascension we managed to understand where the smoke was coming from.

Our men helped us to build some little wooden platform (with, again, grumblings from Bernardo...) to reach the edge of what appeared to be a volcano mouth !"



"The chimnea itself is not very high nor large and could be a small part of a bigger lava network running underground. It would explain the discovery of hot water pools in the vicinity...

The lava is slowly running to the river downside through a breach at the south part of the chimnea and seems not very fluid.


It is surely indicating a regular but somewhat calm activity.

Well, for a volcano, of course... But no risk to see the island explode on a big eruption here..."


Here is my 2nd entry on Cat B. It is linked to my first entry and they are built to be one next to another.

In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds together :


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To Fernando de la Izquierda,

The Royal Society has received and reviewed your study of the volcanic activity and hot springs of Celestia with great interest. As a result, we should like to invite you to give your initiation lecture to the Royal Society on the subject at your convenience, after which you will be considered a full fellow of the society.

It is hoped that you will continue your studies and continously share with the society your findings. Hence, the society has bestowed upon you a research grant of 50 dbs to enable you to continue your studies.


The executive committee

The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy

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