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[Esl - Era 2 - Ch1 - Cat B1] Dangerous flora and new species

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Era 2, Challenge 1 Cat B 1 : Dangerous flora and new species

Extract of the personal log of Fernando de la Izquierda :

"Our progression through the jungle of Celestia was difficult but we managed to follow the stream of a river for few miles now. It eased our walk for a while.

Of course, Bernardo had found the way to grumble after every new plant or dangerous situation.

His last recrimination was after a carnivorous plant that tryed to eat Sancho Panacea. Obviously, no need to worry for my man ! He swiftly unsheathe his sword and the carnivorous plant was no more than fresh wood for our next fire."


"Suddenly, our scientist, el senor de la Verdad, took me appart of the carnivorous plant action to make me remark a strange flower.

He said it was an authentic Cactae Purpurescens, a totally new variety of flower.


The flower is a normal cacti bush at it start but with a solid appendice presenting a purple petal base toped by a florishing brilliant carmine head where the reproductive parts of the plant are.

El senor de la Verdad decided to cut some samples from the flower and we continued our way to the high spot we've seen smoking earlier. We are expecting to discover the origin of this smoke on the top of the next highs..."


This is the first part of a 2 entries build. The second part can be found at my Cat B2 entry !

I hope it is not against the rules, as each build is 32x32 and clearly shows 2 different features.

In the spoiler I am showing the 2 builds linked together :


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While doing the write-up for my plants index, I came across this one again - and could not believe I had not commented! A mistake I will correct now. :pir-grin:


I like both builds, and the fact that they form a coherent scene - well done! The idea to portray not the inner jungles but a scene by the shorline is excellent (Professor Thaum did something similar), I like the variety it brings. The waves are a nice detail, but the vegetation is the true star for me: colourful, with lots of variety.


The volcano scene is also done nicely, even though it feels a bit unfinished due to the visible hollow studs on the rock parts. The lava flow is well done though.


Overall two great builds, with a short but well written story. :thumbup:

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Very nice build Faladrin. The foliage is nice, and the volcano is great as well. I regret, however, that no one was devoured by the plant! :pir-laugh:

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