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[COR EraII ChI CatC] Almost coincidential...

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Montoya's personal diary, Day 24, Temple Ruins

Exploring the island upon which we were lost, young Baker and myself ventured inland, only to stumble upon something most marvellous. Following what appeared to be a track trodden by both men (of which we saw none) and beasts (of which we saw an abundance) we reached a clearing where several tracks converged between the cliffs. Apart from a colourful bird, which was clearly some non-descript pheasant, surprisingly, we found ruins of an ancient civilisation, almost entirely hidden amongst the jungle flora.


These ruins seemed to have some resemblance to the architecture of the Mysec on Cascadia, leading me to believe that we may be stranded in the same region, perhaps even on Cascadia itself, although both flora and fauna differs somewhat. Perhaps the Mysec civilisation once spanned a large part of the Brick Seas? Young Baker rushed to the ruins...


...where he made a most fascinating find! In the center of what must have been a temple or large residence, on what looked like an alter, a most beautiful orchid was growing, apparently drawing nourishment and water from canals dug into the very cliff.


Upon closer inspection, it was clear that this arrangement must have carried great meaning. While the alter had been damaged by the course of time, it seemed indisputable that it was made to honour the orchid. One can only speculate what importance it may have held for the ancient civilisation that once built these walls. If only I could discuss this with Dr. Brickingstone...


After carefully drawing maps of the location, Baker and I both decided to continue exploring the island. After all, it would seem we were to share with the many birds and orchids this island as our home for quite some time.


I only hope my notes shall not be destroyed by damp or mildew before we are rescued. And that the rescue will not come too soon. So many things to describe and discover...



Expedition notes, day 11, Ruins in the jungle

The climate has been unexpectedly kind to us, and the birds are ever curious, following the expedition's every move so close I believe I could reach out to touch them from time to time. Earlier today, we reached a clearing in between the cliffs, where a number of natural tracks converged.


Obviously, we were not the first to find the clearing, as long since, some mysterious people, possibly related to the Mysec of Cascadia (as Dr. Brickingstone suggested), had erected a temple of some sorts.


I ordered the expedition to halt here and make temporary camp, so the scientific gentlemen could investigate the ruins, and the soldiers could fill our water reserves from the local creek. After a short council, each went about his own tasks.


While the soldiers discussed whatever it is soldiers discuss (although I must say, the Royal Pioneers are a handy bunch on an expedition like this, able and willing to conduct themselves in these jungles!), Nathaniel and I checked out the possible routes to take from here.


Most curiously, we found recent tracks of two set of boots, apparently of Halosian design, but otherwise, the site appeared undisturbed. The tracks seemed fresh, however, but probably, they were just those of another expedition. The island seems to be crowded with them these days...


The two scientists rushed towards the ruins, and I heard them mutter excitedly. Something about an orchid of great cultural importance. To whom this flower may hold importance I did not catch, but I am certain they will share their findings at the campfire tonight. In any case, it seems we have found the orchid we were searching for.

Thomas Mallory


Overview shot:


I am quite happy with how this worked out, with the story shots and all. Personally, I particularly like the way the ruins are embedded in the jungle.

And in case it wasn't clear, Montoya's footprints are those the Fontonajo expedition found on their search of the same ruins. It seems almost inevitable that the two expeditions should soon meet, and I hope we will be able to show it in the brick, if @Elostirion and I can both find the time :) Montoya, however, seems to have eluded discovery this time, though, but now at least we know that he is on Celestia! ;)

C&C welcome, as always, and good luck to everyone with the challenge.

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Added missing photo

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So many great details in this MOC, and I love how you depicted two seperate expeditions to discover the same place.

I really love the overall style you introduced here and am really happy I got the chance to base my own MOCs on this very style. I agree that the ruins blend in nicely into the varying vegetation. Really nice.

The orchid itself is splendid, I love it!

And that panther on the rocks is a wonderful small addition that just underlines your love of details.

Edited by Elostirion

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It's confirmed: Montoya's on Celestia! I think you hinted at it recently, but I can't remember where. Anyway, it's fun to have him back in the action!

You really should be happy with the build, it's really well done! So many details and colours that just make it come to life, the rocks worked out nicely, and as you say, the temple fits in naturally.

I particularly like the leaves on the trees. Like all lego builders I have tons of those leaf parts, but never could figure out how to use them properly. Now I know!

Edited by Flavius Gratian

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Really like the way you photographed this ... Made it seem much larger than it is ... Like the woven stories as well

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And they've missed Montoya, how disappointing. :grin:

Great jungle scene, I like all these trees.

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A nice entry overall (great presentation too). I really loved the minifigs and the gorgeous brick-built birds!

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