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... (Eslandola Colonial Council, January 25th 618 AE) ...


Then Guilder picked up the third note and walked over to Jerome Monezterrell in the MAESTRO delegation. "As mayor of Fuerte Unido, would you like to sign this order from the council to detain the Sea Rat ships and crew?" Guilder handed the document to Monezterrell, then looked around the room. "Don't we have an Eslandian courier at our service? Someone get the courier!" he shouted as he pounded his walking stick on the floor.

A few days later, at dawn:

A Battalion of MAESTRO soldiers marched into the harbour. Under command of General Whitedragon, they boarded the anchored Sea Rat vessels. The Eslandolan soldiers quickly disarmed the Sea Rats without any harm or causalties as the Sea Rats understood they had a disadvantage and the Eslandolans came in peace.


Aboard the Misfortune's Wrath, General Whitedragon summoned a clerk.declaring the Sea Rats vessels to be detained. All Sea Rats are free men, free to roam the pubs in Fuerto Unido, but misbehaving would not be accepted. But they had to stay in Fuerto Unido for the upcoming period.

Asking who was in charge of the Sea Rats fleet, a guy with white cloak and golden skull on his bicorn was appointed as the most important Sea Rat. Little did the Eslandolans know the Sea Rats dressed up a common sailor and appointed him to be in charge. They even called him Captain Whitemouse, to mock with the famous Eslandolan General Whitedragon.




Back in his office, General Whitedragon sent the following letter:



Jerome monezterrell,

I write this quick note to inform you that yesterday MAESTRO troops detained the Sea Rats vessels. After no initial resistance, in which none of our soldiers were lightly wounded and no Sea Rats sailor was killed, Captain Whitemouse was taken under arrest and is currently being held in the town gaol which we don't have, so after deliberation, we kept him in his own vessel.

I have in my possession the ships log, although I do not believe it to be of any help to the investigation. The crew has been detained for now, although they have been confined to a tavern in town with the warning they are under constant watch from men of the militia, which is ofcourse not true as we have better things to do. All are under strict orders not to leave the settlement. The Sea Rat Vessels remain under guard in the harbour. 

I don't await your further instructions on the matter, I will start trail right now.

Yours sincerely,

General Samu "Whitedragon"

No Mayor of Fuerto Unido



A MRCA response. It is now up to the Sea Rats.

The letter could be recognised as an adapted copy of a famous Corrington letter.

The build itself was fun. I wanted to recreate the style some Sea Rats builders are building their vessels and Black Sails was an inspiration as well.

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Nice story, and the ship build is pretty sweet, well done! I also can not help but snigger about that letter - clever! :pir-grin:

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