[GBW - CP5] PLANTASEA - Behind Enemy Lines 8/8 - White Sword

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Excellent story and details! I liked it. The statue is good and the landscape is epic.

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22 hours ago, Spud The Viking said:

Very good story telling as usual! Great build, sort of puts my chopper to shame :look::grin:

Thank you!


19 hours ago, sigpro said:

Excellent story and details! I liked it. The statue is good and the landscape is epic.

Thank you Miguel!


15 hours ago, TheBeeze said:

Nice job on the helicopter. 

It was tough. I tried to merge 3 different LDD designs, but also to reduce the length, make ned tail rotor, cocpit, main rotor and landing system



49 minutes ago, Stash2Sixx said:

Not gonna lie, soldier with the Santa cap made me laugh...a lot!!!

It was Christmas, the terrain was snow covered was in that mood...

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You’ve been awarded (  7 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

Very nice build. I personally did not give a high creative score as you pretty much ripped off the movie haha. But the build is very good. I like the way you did the jeep and am particularly fond of your helicopter as it looks like a nice design. The statue was nicely shaped as well. For the future I would say to try and prepare your builds with camera positions in mind so that you can more adequately get down in position and take shots that expose the finer quality of your builds. The though the comic book sequencing is a nice touch, I find it to be taking away from your builds a bit as you progress (that's just an opinion and it didn't effect my score)    

I feel the comic strip idea is pulling away from your build.  We are at a year into this and I'm really looking for builders who have hit with amazing details and builds almost everytime.  You are so close and near, but the cartoony look and focus on story instead of build is holding you my opinion.  Originality wise, this is "Behind Enemy Lines" and I'm pretty sure everyone knows that.  Your trees and rockwork are good, the snow is good as well...but it feels so very much like your last sidebuild.  True, this has much more rockwork, but that can happen when you're pushing story more than builds!  I like where you're going with that helo, just felt small.  Take that chance and "Put some beef on that sandwich!"  Give it some size, make it realistic.      

Creative as always. But still more details are needed. And I would focus more on the build, not a story.     

There are a lot of things to like about this build. You're presentation is amazing as always, as is the story. The trees are simple, yet nice, and the weathered look on the statue is well done. You also did a nice job capturing a narrow mountain pass. And finally, the helicopter. Wow, it looks really neat, especially the tail, and I would love to see some individual shots with just it. 




Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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