[GBW - CP5] Alsarh - Behind Enemy Lines 1/8 - The Cave

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[GBW - CP5] Alsarh - Behind Enemy Lines 1/8 - The Cave

Downright Corner E8 Studica Map

Alsarh had waited to long too join the war. Many have died and Alsarh had to stand by and watch. But no longer will that be the case. Alsarh is now at war. The new President of the country sent troops to Alsarh's close Ally Refnor. Though the President was disappointed when he heard that his troops were not going to invade a RON country but instead the neutral Xenor. He was upset but agreed to send troops to help find the missing COAC pilots and nothing more. 



20 men were sent into the Julob Mountains, where the crash site was close to. 2 men to a group. Private Kurshive Eugluer and Sgt. Peter Torts were at the bottom of the mountain in an Alsarh army truck.





Then they stopped. 



Kurshive was in the back and Peter was driving. 

"Why did you stop?' asked Kurshive. 

"I see a cave I think, perhaps we should go look and see if we find something related to the pilots." Replied Peter. 






Inside was a Filace coin, and what looked like some burnt logs. 

"One of the pilots must have stumbled apon here." said Kurshive. 

"Yeah, we ought to go tell the rest of the COAC." replied Peter.





"Refnor Base this is Alsarh group 8. This is Sgt. Torts speaking. We have found a Filace coin and some burnt wood inside a small cave at the bottom of the Julob Mountains. We are at the downright Corner of grid E8 on the Studica map. We believe the coin to be of one of the most pilots." 

"Ok copy that, we will send this information to the Plantasea rescue team. Is there anything else?" 


"Ok, thank you for your work gentleman. Continue you're search in the Mountains. Over and out." 

"Ok, we have to still go on Kurshive." 

So like good soldiers they start up the truck and continue their search. 



This is my first time posting in this fourm and my first time really trying to make a MOC. Suggestions on how to improve for the future are very much welcome. Thanks.

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The vehicle is nice. Maybe the light was too intense and probably burned the picture.

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You’ve been awarded (2) points.

Judges’ comments…

I'm glad to see you jumping in and getting your feet wet here. Some things to consider for the future, try and focus your attention on having something clear and detailed. It is very difficult to see much of anything from your pictures due to poor lighting. Try and look back at some other builds people have done to get some ideas for things you can do to help with that as well as having a background. Generally speaking, a camera flash is not your friends when it comes to LEGO. As for the build itself, it needs some work. There are plenty of areas in your build where you could focus a little extra time and some pieces to add to the overall detail of the build. It was hard to make out the fact that this was cave. Look up some ways you can do some rock work details. Overall we are glad to see you here and putting in the effort and can't wait to watch you grow as a builder.     

Creatively, you're good.  I can follow your story, but remember to not let the story take over; keep the build as the shining star.  Too many people here tend to forget that!  I'm not sure what you covered your bricks and plates with but honestly, there is no need to paint the parts...unless you really want to.  I would suggest just building with what you have and can at first; let your parts dictate what you can and cannot build.  No need to go all custom crazy on your first MOC.  Take your time with these builds as well.  We make sure to give you close to a month to work on your build.  If you just slap a bunch of parts together at the last minute, you will actually harm your team and not get anything out of the game.  For pictures, be sure to give a little extra rroom around the item you are photographing; if you crowd the target, it will not get enough light.  Also, no need to go so close when taking pics.  And most importantly, natural light is the best.  Avoid the flash if at all possible when snapping LEGO.  Solid color background, good light, and angles are great way to improve with taking photos.  Now if you've read this much...good job.  We are here to help each other become better builders.  If you have questions, please ask.  Do not take these comments as a verbal beat down; that is not what it is intended to be!  Be sure to take a look at some of the other submissions and seriously look at their builds.  Keep up the good work.  Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are the greatest MOCs!  WELCOME TO THE GAME!!!    

Well. There is a long way to go, to be honest. Concentrate on something, don'T make it too complex. Add details. Be creative. And don't spill the milk over the legos.    

The vehicle is the best part of this build. I think it has some promise, and polishing it up a bit would go a long way. It's far too long and bulky. Adding some military-specific details would also help differentiate this from a basic civilian truck. As for the landscapping, try adding more plates and bricks to make the terrain uneven. And if you lack white bricks, instead of painting (which I know some people are fond of), I'd recommend being creative with what you have. Brown and black? Roads. Green? maybe it hasn't snowed quite so heavily there. Grey, rocks. Well, you get the idea. 


Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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