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Denizens of the deep - post your ocean minifigures

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I have quite a few denizens of the deep - both good and evil - in my display collection, but only currently have a picture of the latest ones using parts from the Disney, Ninjago Movie and TLBM S2 CMFs.

I imagine the skeleton-ghost as a soldier who died at sea in tragic circumstances.



In due course, I hope to photograph all my deep sea dwellers.

Feel free to post your purist and non-purist underwater MOCed minifigures in this thread :wink:.



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On 20/02/2018 at 9:11 PM, Juxtapoisson said:

What's the story behind the onyx merperson?


In keeping with much fantasy literature/gaming, I classify most of the minifigures in my display collection as either good or evil. I have several merfolk minifigures already and all but one are followers of the CMF S7 ocean king and therefore on the good side. So when the merfolk tail part was released in black as part of TLBM S2, I decided to create another evil one. I imagine him to be a dweller of the depths where there is no light who only comes to the surface at night to raid or sink human ships.  

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