Hod Carrier

[MOC] BR Railfreight VGA Van

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3 hours ago, Hod Carrier said:

Most kind. May I have a chocolate chip...? :laugh:


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On 29-1-2018 at 1:39 AM, ColletArrow said:

As soon as I saw the title I was excited, and the content does not disappoint! You've captured the essence of these vehicles perfectly, and the stickers really work well on them.  

Now we need some more Railfreight wagons, perhaps the similar VCA van wagon or open wagons OBA and OCA? They are all long-wheelbase, air braked stock. And then a guards van, and a Class 20 to haul them... I'm getting carried away, but I do hope these wagons are incorporated into a suitable train; I think they'd look stunning.

(EDIT: woohoo, my 500th post! Sorry) 

Well, if you want to add some UK wagons, take a look at Michael Gale's site. 

see: http://www.brickdimensions.com/store/  and scroll down.

I've build me 2 VDA vans, 2  British Rail JIA Hopper wagon and 6 OBA wagons, 2 for each color scheme. No stickers added, yet.

And they would fit very nice with this VGA van. :sweet:

See picture below for those British wagons.


and here's a picture of the same hopper in Medium Azure, color based on a picture i've found from the French company Millet.



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@LEGO Train 12 Volts

Well, as you can see, my Medium Azure hopper is a exact copy of the green/gray British hopper.

To make it look like the Millet hopper, i need to make some changes.

Think I will do it, then i'll have 2 different types of hoppers. :sweet: 

I need to be honest and say i'll bought the building instructions from Michael Gale, so i could see how more advanced train builders make their 7 wide wagons.

I have no experience in building 7 wide. :sick:

Anyhow, the green/gray hopper, with its 610 gram is a heavy weight wagon, the VDA Van weights 432 gram.

And as last item, take care with the Medium Azure bricks and strong light like sunlight.

They tend to change color and become greenish. :sick:


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