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[WIP] Foremost Delta Wheeled Carrier (offroad 3-axle crane truck)

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Afte the success of the Jaguar XJR19 Le Mans prototype (of which I will still to the photos of the complete model, and instructions) I decided to do a new WIP. Again it's a model I've prototyped over the last month and will now do the second, hopefully better buildup. And again, I will use a photo of an existing vehicle as my inspiration, but it won't be an exact scale model. I use the photo as inspiration and will deviate where needed for the functions (and it will be needed, because i want a 4-function switch box similar to 8258).

It's this truck. It's called Foremost Delta 3 Wheeled Carrier and it seems to come in several configurations, one of which has the crane below. On this picture, it's not finished, because outriggers seem to be missing. Several other pictures of the same model show that it has one set of outriggers near the crane.


My other source of inspiration will be set 42070. I want to make something with a similar size, which will be in a way "my own take on that set's theme", i.e. "off-road truck with crane". (That's all I will use from that set). So I'm thinking of something in the range of about 2000 pieces. (In practice though, it will always turn out to be more.)

Another thing: the colors will be very different. My first prototype was obediently yellow, but when I arrived at the cabin I wanted to deviate a bit, so I threw some less-used colors in the mix, and went for Dark Turquoise with Black for the cabin, and consequently also for the crane and bed. The chassis will be Dark Gray and for the body I am torn between Yellow and Red (main reason being the colored axles I want to use, for example for the ladders). I will be copying the crane from 8258 (with different colors), because that one seems perfect for the scale and type. But everything else will be different.

I will be using Tumbler wheels. The profile is not exact but the shape and size seems fine. Also, currently I have only 4, so I will temporarily be using someting else for the front (interestingly, the Porsche wheels have the same diameter and width).


I started with two important modules:


The one on the left is the 4-function gearbox and crane base, and the one on the right is the rear axle unit.

What I like personally is how a 4-way gearbox and outriggers using the new gear rack pieces introduced in 42043 fit in a pretty compact module. Here's the gearbox unit from below.


The dark-gray axle joiner is the motor input. I plan on using my newly acquired L-motor.

Here's the rear-axles module:


Each axle is mounted on two 1x5 suspension arms and two 1x6 links. These 4 keep the axle in place and nicely horizontal. The free ball-sockets near each wheel will connect to the springs. Also, as you see, with the parts used, doing this part in dark-gray seems impossible... Of course, the 15L beams will be replaced by the chassis. It will be a challenge to get this strong though, because the gearbox module has some gears in the way, so little room to connect things firmly.

The functions I want to have:

  • Manual steer and drive (so no RC)
  • Electric crane rotation
  • Electric crane first boom element
  • Electric crane second boom element
  • Electric outrigger horizontal deployment
  • Manual outrigger vertical deployment (similar to many sets)
  • Suspension

It's not as impressive as 42070's six electric functions in three modes and four nice large-range outriggers, but instead of that, this will have suspension.

Next up will be connecting the two modules, and doing the front axle and steering modules.

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2 hours ago, Aventador2004 said:

Nice, are the rear axles pendular?

Eh, I'm not into the terminology I'm afraid, but the axles are not connected to each other. It's basically the same as the two front axles of 42043. There will be shock absorbers, but I just don't have the upper connection point for them yet. Will be in the next update :)

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4 hours ago, Erik Leppen said:

Eh, I'm not into the terminology I'm afraid, but the axles are not connected to each other. It's basically the same as the two front axles of 42043. There will be shock absorbers, but I just don't have the upper connection point for them yet. Will be in the next update :)

Yes, I now notice your post says that now.

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It seems a lot has happened, but most of it is symmetric, which goes twice as quick :classic:

What I'm especially happy with is that it turns out to be possible to have a 5-stud-high chassis over the whole length.


A disadvantage is that when the suspension fully compressed on one side, the wheels touch the chassis. I'm not sure how to change that, because the top layer of the chassis (11L beams in the first picture) has to work around the suspension connection point. But there will be a one-stud-thick layer on top to form the bed, maybe that can serve a structural purpose and some of the beams of the current top layer can be left out. But that would make things less modular.

Another thing you might have noticed is that I ran the outrigger drive axles to the back to drive a second set of outriggers. I'm not sure I'm keeping those, for several reasons.

  • The wheels, when compressed, touch these long axles
  • It's not in the reference. There is a ladder at this place in the reference.
  • The rear outriggers take a lot of space, making the vehicle longer. 
  • I think I like the pureness of a single set of outriggers more

But I like how easy it was to add this option. Also I like the symmetry it adds to the structure.


Next up: front axle module, steering module.

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Good work, but your pictures are lagging for 30 seconds before loading. They are too huge!

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I like the symmetry of the extra outriggers, but you don't need them :classic:

"It's done not when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing more to take away" <- I'm quoting (misquoting?) somebody there, didn't look up who :wink:

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Great, some Foremost. Gook luck.

I juste started a Commander C Tri-axle.

Edited by Superkoala

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5 hours ago, Erik Leppen said:

300kB, in total. So it's probably the Brickshelf server having a hickup.

Ok, wierd.

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nice work, really one to follow. i would like to see a picture of the spring connection to the chassis, as i don't quite get it why it's done that way.

still, nice job, keep going.




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@TheNextLegoDesinger This is the suspension linkage:


The triangles connect to the chassis. The springs are connected to the chassis via the black connector. As you can see, it hinges both on the red #2 axle and the brown 3L axle with stop. Because it's hinged on two perpendicular axles, the springs can move in all directions. That way, there will be no forces that try to bend the chassis - all force will all go to the spring, instead of twisting the frame. Also, the springs are at an angle to prevent them from touching the axle unit at the bottom (the springs are wider than 1 stud).

Because the joint of the spring (the red axle) is above the brown axle, compressing the spring pushes the black connector upwards, which gives unwanted stress. The 6L links at the top prevent this stress from bending the brown axles.

Putting the brown axle above the red axle (turning the black connectors 180 degrees around the brown axle) would make the assembly one stud higher, which would take room I don't have.

So that's why it's like this :classic:

Anyhow, I have new progress! First of all, I ditched the rear outriggers. Indeed, they don't really add anything.


(Also, sorry, I accidentally saved the pictures as a very low quality JPG. Next update will have sharper pictures again)

Also, I have a front axle!


(left of the image = front of the vehicle) The small ball joints will be connected to 6L links to the frame to prevent the axle from "steering". The large ball joint will of course be connected to the chassis.

Perhaps more interestingly, I have a steering module!


I didn't want to use a turntable for steering, also I don't have the space for one, so I went for a system with 2 small LA's operating in opposite directions (when one compesses, the other extends) - the 20L tan gear on the other side is facing the other way. The steering angle is a bit limited, (around 18 degrees to each side, I estimate), but personally I like how it works.


Here you see where the front axle goes :) The yellow axle goes to the fake engine. The red axle is where the L motor will be. The battery box will be directly above that. Both axles transver drive to one of the U joints in the steering hinge, to the rear section.

Next step will be adding the fake engine, adding the front axle and suspension (will be same unit as rear).


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subbed, I will be watching this closely.. Quite a few different design and build technics. I quite enjoy WIP's as you see ideas ( the suspension mounts is genius ) the playability of this model looks amazing I know you want it to be Non RC but this model is crying out for the ability to be retrofitted.

I drove a "Gin" pole version in the tar sands above Fort Mc Murray in Canada where you have a winch up the front with a roller on the tail of the bed for moving mud tanks and have "Gin" poles which you drive of secondary winches on the deck to act as a boom.

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I have been silent for the past week, but I haven't sit still and I worked on two important parts:

  • The front end of the chassis (engine, L motor)
  • The front part of the body, and the cabin

A lot has happened and I took some photos during the progress.


Here's the almost-complete version of the front section. I think it's pretty sturdy right now. The place where the thin 5x7 ellipse beams go (I'm glad I got them in dark gray from set 8435), originally, 5x7 frames were planned there, but then the L motor couldn't fit in between. A nice bonus is that the ellipse beams are dark-gray, unlike frames :) I'm not 100% happy with the diagonal 11L beam, but it is needed to provide some extra rigidity (althought still has more flex then I would like). Also, unfortunately, the diagonal links with 5.5 axles under the engine don't form a nice Pythagorean triangle, but this was the best I could find. It fits, but only because the light-gray 2x3 cross blocks can sit on any position on the axle.

Next step is starting the body, of which you see a start here:


I think red is a nice hard color for this type of vehicle. Also you see the L motor placed. It's actually only supported by the vertical brown 5L axles with stop that also hold the body. Actulaly, those two axles, and the 4 red pins below the 5x7 frames that you can only see the top end of, are the only places where the body is attached to the chassis, so again this is a separate module. The tan 1.5 L pins are for the cabin.

I also used red 8L axles for the ladder, and actually, this is one of the first times I use red axles for body, instead of yellow. (I notice odd axles work better in studless builds.)

In a further stage, the build is like this. I went for studded beams for the rack that goes over the cabin, because it looks stronger and this rack is meant as a support for possible loads, so I think it should look very sturdy.


Personlaly I'm quite happy with the shape of the front, however, I still have no lights. So some parts will have to be replaced by transparent pieces. (I won't do PF lights, I don't have those and personally I don't care for electric lights). Also, as you see I used some studded pieces, which means I will also probably use some studded pieces in other places in the body to remain consistent in style.


Here's the cabin, by the way (without the seats, these will probably be blue like in official sets.) I understand you might think the colors clash like hell, but I find they form a cool combination nonetheless:


As you see, the top rack has also been added. The whole body (red + teal) is an easily separable module, and if you remove the rack, which takes some work, you can pretty easily take off the teal cabin as well. (The cabin and rack are connected at the roof for stability). One thing I like personally is that the teal cabin and the top of the rack are 1/2 stud vertically offset, in a barely noticable way :)

Ok, that was it for now. Next up:

  • Joining the two halves
  • Adding interior for the cabin
  • Adding battery box

Stuff to do for later:

  • Add wheels and test suspension
  • Build the crane for 8258 and fit it on
  • Add feet for outriggers
  • Add the bed
  • Add the other body details


Edited by Erik Leppen

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On ‎6‎-‎2‎-‎2018 at 9:20 PM, LvdH said:

The red in dark turquoise is an interesting colour choice, but Iike it! They go together better than I expected. 

Thanks :) I think what helps is the black I use as a "filler" color. I think if you add black as a sort of transitoinal color, almost any two colors can be combined. (Well, except maybe medium blue and dark azure).

On ‎6‎-‎2‎-‎2018 at 9:35 PM, Superkoala said:

I’m not sure the position of your engine is correct but your cabin is really great.

(yep I’m still working on my commander an the cabin is not perfect)

Cool to see other people working on similiar projects! I think you should also post a WIP if you're ready for it, it really enhances the fun :)

Also, I didn't raelly think of it but I think you're correct about the engine. I guess the real engine is behind the cabin, but I want to put the battery box there.

And in fact, I have done so, in my next update :)


I also worked a bit on the back half, adding a few steps and colored bits here and there:


I know the real model doesn't have a ladder beteween the crane unit and the rear wheels, but I wanted to add it there anyway to add some color there. Above them will be some kind of storage boxes I think, or something else made of studded parts.

More importantly though, but less excitingly, I made this:


The bed is nothing more than a large panel, but what helps is that I can add a lot of teal with just 18 parts. Also, interestingly, the rear spring holders protrude slightly above the top of the chassis because they are angled, but by placing the 5x11 panels exactly in the right position I can make the spring holder units fall into the cavity at the underside of the panel. (That's why there are so many 11L beams between the panels, instead of one more panel. They had to be aligned like this or it wouldn't fit.)

And, of course, the moment @BrickbyBrickTechnic wanted to see:



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Very nice work. I like your buidling technique, using modular building is something I need to do better.


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