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[MOC] Chevrolet Corvette C7.R LMGTE Pro Edition from Le Mans 2017 in Scale 1:20

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This is my latest finished pair of Le Mans race cars from the 2017 race: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R.

The scale is 1:20, like in Legoland. This is purely display model without interior, engine or functionality (apart from rolling wheels).

There are building instructions here:


The sticker sheet includes the stickers of the #63 and #64 models.


Construction started after the race where I was asked to build this model. Members from my local LUG were helpful in giving me constructive criticism, and the design of the car only took around 3 weeks.

As usual I use Griddy for the design document:


Here are some shots from the construction process:


You can see how I struggled with getting the lines on the sides right:



And some times progress was... reversed:


The body work below the windows was also a challenge:


The rear end has mostly undergone refinements rather than complete redesigns:


And the same can be said for the front:

As you can see, I'm using both sides to experiment with various ideas:


Also the roof has received many reconstructions. The transition between the windscreen and roof was difficult to get right:



See how the windscreen is flush with the side windows, but not the roof here:


Finally the car was finished and I added some simple paper-based stickers:



I'm quite pleased with how the it was possible to build in this angular fashion and still end up with a easily recognizable result.




Next up on my "2017 Le Mans GTE PRO" grid recreation will be either the Porsche, Ferrari, or Aston Martin. LEGO911 has already made a very nice Ford in this scale, so I will focus on those other models first... and of course the impossible TS050!

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You have again done a fantastic job. It is outstanding to see how close you are compared to the real one, at this scale.

Really loving your trucks too.

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Beautiful build! You've nailed the rear lights, and the stripes on the sides are impressive. I especially enjoyed the write-up, big thanks for that. It would be nice to see more such descriptions of the building process here. It really helps to appreciate the model deeper.

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I am not a fan of brick built windscreens. But that is just personal preference. Apart from that your model is really mind-blowing! So many details, so close to the original car at this scale! Even without those few decals it looks fantastic! Could you give an impression of how sturdy it is? Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks a lot. The model is fairly sturdy - only the rear wing has a tendency to fall off during transport.

I am currently working on the other LMGTE cars for Le Mans this year in the same scale. I will start a big WIP thread once I have first prototypes for all the cars.

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Very Nice! Wish TLG did this kind of thing with Speed Champions.  You captured the vette's shape very well.

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I am preparing for Le Mans this year where the lights have changed color from yellow to white. Unfortunately it seems I have to wait for the Le Mans training sessions to see all the updates for the Corvettes, since they are racing in IMSA rather than WEC, and the cars have slight differences between the IMSA and Le Mans versions (such as the placement of the fuel filler). Updates to come once I know more :)



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