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Leonardo da Bricki

[GBW - Sabotage] - Toohati - Plotting [Servants of Freedom 2]

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Servants of Freedom 1

Servants of Freedom 2


Having safely smuggled his package from Jim to his safe house, Caesar set about opening the package and examining its contents....


39828793332_5f42a9a39b_c.jpg[GBW-SoF] Shipment


"Holy... A megablocking RPG! This is perfect for our plans! I need to get some logistics, recon, and intel work done immediately..."

48 hours later, a meeting of the Servants of Freedom leaders occurred. In attendance were, Caesar, Group I leader, Ralph, Group IV leader, and Beth, Group VI leader. All were leaders in Xenor's capital of Millingsburg, all with aspirations of governmental change, and all with the will to make these changes happen now.


24990114567_f5ee27672f_c.jpg[GBW-SoF] Plotting


39828306412_822aeb5407_s.jpg[GBW] Caesar Young   "Our goal, currently, is to have the government change it's structure. In order to that, we have been publishing articles, and recently, another cell took over a Xenor radio station. We are getting the attention of more and more people now, and many are joining our cause. The leaders of our organization have decided that serious action must be taken, as the RoN is invading Xenor in retaliation. In order---"

39860708691_f56f79c888_s.jpg[GBW] Beth Morrow   "How serious? What repercussions might result from this 'serious action'?"

39828308022_72285a58c7_s.jpg[GBW] Ralph Koper   "Yes, just what kind of action we going to be taking?"

39828306412_822aeb5407_s.jpg[GBW] Caesar Young  "We are going to attempt a process of selective elimination of high-ranking government officials that are---"

39860708691_f56f79c888_s.jpg[GBW] Beth Morrow  "Assassination, you mean?! That's what we're gonna be doing?!"

39828306412_822aeb5407_s.jpg[GBW] Caesar Young  "If you choose to use that term, yes. We are going to assassinate one or more officials. Do you have problem with that?"

39860708691_f56f79c888_s.jpg[GBW] Beth Morrow  "I just... I don't know if that's---"

39828308022_72285a58c7_s.jpg[GBW] Ralph Koper  "No. It must be done ensure our freedom."

39828306412_822aeb5407_s.jpg[GBW] Caesar Young  "There is no other way! The RoN is invading, we must help them! We are perfect for this job, we can take out plenty of leaders here, stage other attacks, and fight with them to ensure they succeed!"

39860708691_f56f79c888_s.jpg[GBW] Beth Morrow  "Fine. Do it. But leave me out of the plans. Contact individual members of my cell if you must."


24990125427_b5de9617aa_c.jpg[GBW-SoF] Plotting


39828306412_822aeb5407_s.jpg[GBW] Caesar Young  "Thank you. I'll get started immediately. Ralph, I need your cell to go and recon..."


Part 3 Coming Soon!


Thanks for checking this out, feel free to give C&C. More photos on Flickr. And for those who like the skull art, LDD is here.

 - Leonardo da Bricki


EDIT: My apologies for some of the formatting in the dialogue, I cannot change it.


Judges, please look at the spoiler, it has images of the whole build for you!


A photo without the minifigs. The wall does come off the base for ease of storage. And placing the minifigs.




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You’ve been awarded (2) points.

Judges’ comments…

Nice build, but not a lot to it. Could have expanded your build area a little bit. The detailing in the brick was nicely done. Look forward to seeing more of your work   

Basic, but good. Originality, similar to a few you have already completed, so you might want to add a bit of variety to your side builds from now on.  Build quality was good.  Detailed walls and floor.  You took your shots outside AND were good at keeping the closeups which pretty much eliminated the need for a backdrop.  Great job ob this aspect.  The premise is to become a better builder in this game and you are getting better.  Way to go!        

This build is just too basic compared to your other builds. The build is well presented and has a nice story, but the build needs more to stand out. 

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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