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Capitaine Aragon

The Dark Siren

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Captain Gertrude Baroque had lost the Vendetta Angelorum but that did not stop her from coming back. She gathered a larger crew, found a new ship and dubbed it the Dark Siren. The sloop is more sleek and faster than her previous ship. The ship is also a bit smaller than the Vendetta Angelorum. 

The Dark Siren1Dark Siren2

Captain Baroque still has her loyal zombie to serve her. He is steering the ship at the moment.

Dark Siren3

*A cool feature I added was the movable steering rutter* I also added two pearl gold goblet pieces for decoration on the back.

Dark Siren4

The figurehead is the same as the Vendetta Angelorum. I kept it because I think it is my better figurehead build. However, it seems a bit too big for the sloop. I may change it in the future?

During the holidays, I wanted to build a smaller, sleeker sloop to compliment the Charred Skeleton. Perhaps the two will cross paths someday. I especially like the stern of the ship with the two goblets and the black bricks. I had also bought some pirate mini figures so I decided to add some of them to the Dark Siren. Let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Interesting little ship :thumbup: If I were you, I would refine the mast and the figurehead (both are indeed too big for a ship of this size)

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