Overwatch, Who's your favorite Heroe?

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Hello friends, i've been playing Overwatch since November 2017 and for that i made this topic.

Anyone of all the Overwatch heroes maybe like us for personal, or competitive reasons. And here goes my personal favorites.


Mercy - Her angelic look alike suit, appearance and moral purpose of saving everyone (Including reviving you, nerfed or not), makes her one of my favorite heroes of all the game.


D.Va - The gamer mecha pilot with famous quotes like "NERF THIS" or "DVA ONLINE" makes her my favorite and a good tank hero due to her abilities (Even i will buy her cosplay) .


Sorry if i only add the Mercy image, it's due to the image capacity limitation.

And that's all, reply on this post your favorite Overwatch heroes.

I hope you like it, see you later and. . . NERF THIS :wink::devil:   

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I'll admit it, whenever I play Overwatch I tend to play Mercy or Lucio depending on the game mode, if only because most players don't understand team composition, and Hanzo and Widowmaker should NOT BE PLAYED ON OFFENCE TOGETHER WHAT ARE YOU DOING TEAM?!?!

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Zarya is my go to in nearly all situations.

I do play quite a bit of 76, Winston, and Orisa, with a touch of Symmetra and Genji. When I have to heal (which I try not too) I'm mostly Lucio, though sometimes I play Ana.

Sometimes I play Bastion for LOLs too when it makes some sense (i.e. Defense Point A on Anubis)

I have to admit, though, I haven't played since the Halloween event last year, so I haven't even touched my five Winter lootboxes or Moira.

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I like Mercy a lot too, even though the recently added revival time does get frustrating sometimes. I like her pacifist attitude and German voice lines since I grew up in Germany myself. I'm also quite liking Moira since she can fight better than Mercy. She's surprisingly effective in deathmatches.

On defense, I usually go with Bastion or Torb. Pretty cheap characters, I know, but they're just so much fun! :grin: Orisa is pretty good too on certain maps.

For CTF, I always go with Symetra. Looking forward to the Lunar New Year event!

By the way, if you haven't already, you need to watch Overwatch House!


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