Hola a todos/Hello everyone

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Hello everyone, i'm join recently to this forum, i am AlexSkywalker from Mexico and i been a great lego fan since 2009-2010 with Lego Racers 8673 Ferrari F1 Fuel Stop set.

i quited lego in 2012 until December 2015 rebooting my collection with the Lego Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport set, and the most recent set that i have is the 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship from The Lego Movie Theme.

in addition of Lego, i like Videogames, Maho-Shojo animes, seeing videos and having a channel in Youtube, etc.

And that's all folks.


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Hi, AlexSkywalker Welcome back! i'm Also New member for this forum.! i am a blogger and i love to know about new trends and New technologies..! visit my site for know about new trends and technologies..!  

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