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18 hours ago, BaneShake said:

The best way I've found is going into the extras photo gallery and saving it from there, although this sadly does leave the "exit" button prompt visible. I've gotten a handful of screenshots so far; do you want us to upload them here onto this page when we do?


If you could send them to me attached in a PM, that would be great. :thumbup:

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On 10/19/2018 at 1:11 AM, Numbuh1Nerd said:
  • Not nearly enough open world missions. Gold bricks and races are aplenty, but I'm fairly certain I've finished every open world mission in the first day in just about two or three hours. I could very well be wrong, with more hiding behind a wall of gold bricks and races, but man, if that's all there are, 100%ing this one is gonna be kind of a slog.
  • This is the nitpickiest one yet, but the fantastic cast really seems to highlight all of the iconic voices they missed. No Tim Daly or George Newbern on Superman, no Phil LaMarr on John Stewart, no Ron Perlman for Deathstroke, no Khary Payton on Cyborg, no John DiMaggio for Aquaman or Lobo, and some actors were passed over despite already being in the game, like Michael Rosenbaum's Deadshot! Not to mention, absolutely no one came in for the DLC. In fact, the only one of those characters with any voice lines as far as I can tell is the Atom, and he is very clearly not Brandon Routh. Matt Ryan's Constantine didn't even make it in, and that guy seems ready to pay *you* to let him play John!

I just wanted to add some new perspective to these two bits of criticism:

  • There are actually plenty of open world missions, and even open world boss fights! I was just a big ol' dummy, as they were hiding behind a couple of the races and gold bricks! Perfectly satisfied with that aspect!
  • Brandon Routh apparently did record for Ray Palmer! I was only really hearing the one line, and he does in it in kind of a weird tone, so I thought it was an impression. Routh apparently is also the voice of Shazam in this game! I should also note that Vixen - while not patterned off of her television counterpart like Ray is - is in fact played by Megalyn Echikunwoke, who portrays the modern Vixen in the Arrowverse! 

Oh, and Billy Batson is played by the same kid who played him in DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!, which is also the same kid who plays Steven Universe!

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Well, I was going to give my impressions of the new Aquaman level, but when I started to do so, my freaking television seems to have bricked on me, somehow, and won't turn on at all. If I get the chance, I'll have some thoughts in the next few days about it.

UPDATE: Well, there'll probably be a more considerable delay on that. This morning my TV started smoking, so it's officially dead.

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I'll give mine! It's probably best to let this level sit until you've seen the movie if you wanna go in completely dry (pun intended). This seems to adapt the first chunk of the movie - loosely, but closer than the DLC from LEGO Marvel 2, or so it seems. Of course, I haven't seen it yet, but it lines up with a lot of what we know already (including the line that made Amber Heard agree to play Mera!) and has some moments that feel more in line with a movie than a usual LEGO level. So, be warned there!

Most of the characters (save for Manta) seem to have one of two powersets - either Aquaman or Mera. Mera's aquakinesis lets her use Lantern construct spaces, and Arthur's trident lets him use baton switches. The designs are all really nice (although I still think Mera's outfit is the wrong color) and make me wish we got more sets based on the movie. 

If you're minikit hunting, switch over to player 2 for most of the level. Mera doesn't really have anything to do in terms of progression, but nearly all the minikits and the graffiti poster are on her side of the level. Plus, she can complete most of them herself, so you can make some serious progress in the very first run-through!

Voice-wise, it seems all they got was a decent impression of Jason Mamoa's Aquaman, as everyone else has been silent so far. Arthur narrates the level in Story Mode, so you get plenty of him. They cover up his drinking with hot chocolate (which I thought was pretty funny) and one of his voice lines when you call him in is the Justice League "My man!" which makes me feel like that DCEU character pack is going to reuse the same recordings for that Aquaman (which makes a lot of sense, not complaining). I don't know if Black Manta speaks or not, but his grunts are the same ones from the Black Manta we had before.

Interestingly, Orm's title card thingy seems to be made of promotional art for the movie, with an "Aquaman's" over his name complete with movie logo. I think even the typeface for his name is from a poster.

UPDATE: This level definitely adapts a scene in the movie, but without any of the important parts. It's only barely gonna give you more information than any of the trailers. Also: that line I mentioned from Mera wasn't in the movie after all - I think it might actually have been from the comics? Either way, it's a line about Mera that Amber Heard specifically mentioned as winning over for the role. I should also note that the movie starts out with some narration from Arthur as well, so that's a rather convenient little parallel! As far as major inaccuracies, all I can really point out is that Mera has a different outfit in that scene in the movie than her usual one as the game presents it, but who really cares, y'know?  Otherwise, not much to else to say after having seen the movie. (Except, y'know, go see this movie it's so cool and fun and sweet, it's really the best possible version of an Aquaman movie and I'm not even saying that as a dig on the character it's just genuinely that good and unashamed of its source material and i couldn't stop smiling from the moment act 3 kicked off for about a half hour after the credits rolled just aahaahghghghahah AQUAMAN)

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