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[MOC] Scooby Doo

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My LEGO Scooby Doo layout, built on 96 x 144 studs, includes approx. 20000 individual LEGO pieces.

Discover the true criminals behind the ghost and monster costumes with the members of the Mystery Inc. This layout includes and extended 10228 Haunted House, the Mystery Machine LEGO set, with an enlarged tree monster.


LEGO Scooby Doo diorama

The members of the Mystery Inc. are chasing some spooky creatures. But look, those aren't real monsters! The giant tree is RC controlled by a guy next to the haunted house. And the ghosts of the house, these are just white clothes moved on strings by the baron on the balcony. The evil knight is also just a man in costume, just like the dark green swamp monster and the zombie guy. Or, the girl dressed like an old light tower guard.

LEGO Scooby Doo diorama

But if you look closely, there are some true mystery should be solved by the gang.
1.) Can you find the huge zombie cat? What is this? :)
2.) Look inside the cave! There is an other lake monster eating raw fishes.
3.) Do you see the skeleton's head crash the side of the grave? Is this may true or just a trick?

Tree Monster compared to the Mystery Machine

You can check the full gallery here:

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Very cool display! I really love the modified tree monster and the ghosts sheets on the line. When you mentioned another monster eating raw fish in the cave I immediately thought of the creature Gollum from LoTR.

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