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[MOC] Rogue One Scarif

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Hello everybody,

as my first post I'd like to present my MOC showing a scene located on Scarif from Rogue One. It (mainly the bunker-ish building) is based on 75171, but expanded with a bigger beach part, some water/coastal line and more vegetation. Size is 32x64.

24783812157_8c4d5a4a0c_z.jpgScarif MOC 2 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

24783810237_25c07c8a14_z.jpgScarif MOC 3 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

38756170665_e77560d38d_z.jpgScarif MOC 6 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

39652928151_a85621320f_z.jpgScarif MOC 4 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

24783811507_d5e52c8484_z.jpgScarif MOC 9 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

38756169945_e732101150_z.jpgScarif MOC 11 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

And one Behind the Scenes photo:

38756167965_37c55a122b_z.jpgScarif MOC 17 by Paul Tunsch, auf Flickr

More can be found on my Flickr page (see links above).

Hope you like it.


Paul | ThatsRocketScience

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