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So I have never really been that happy with the latest gas station release.  I like what was there, just always seamed like it was a bit lacking.  Had some free time and started to modify.  First I put the set on a standard 32 by 32 baseplate.  This helped, but set looked even smaller on the baseplate.  The pizza shop area IMO was just horrible.  Really just a table and two chairs.  Thought a service garage would be a much better use of this space.  Added 4 studs to the depth of the building and 6 additional in the garage area.  This is view from the top.


Moved the table and chairs to the convince store area



Think this was a big improvement. Set still looked too small.  Thought I would add a second floor.  We got the Pizza food truck for Christmas so 2nd level Pizza shop seamed like a good idea.


Had left a space for a pizza oven/kitchen.  Thought a Arcade would be more fun for the mini figs.  Think it came out well. 




photo IMG_1973_zps3okr5zv7.jpg



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So this is a work in progress.  I like what I have, think it still needs some work.  Have a lot of room on the 2nd level not used, basically have a 3 stud wide walkway the whole floor.  Feel I should be able to better use this space.  Tried putting in a second booth or a table and chair (from original set) in this space.  It fit, but seamed too tight.  I thought about reducing the size of the second floor to better suit the furniture (feel this is what Lego would do if they were doing this modification).  Also thought about adding a 3rd level.  Already pushing building codes by having a restaurant over a gas station.  Repeated the green, red and gray accents on the walls as I am running low on white bricks.  Deleted most the roof as just to hard to get my hand in there with a roof installed.  May make a removal one like the modulars.

Looking for some ideas for improvement.  Anyone have some thoughts?


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Nice expansion project! It looks so much more like a proper service station at the motorway, with quite some charme to it! I really like the arcade-area and the restaurant upstairs :classic: I would consider a couple improvements, if they aren't already planned, like tiling the tarmac-area, with 1-wide tiles for road markings, and maybe putting a shelf or two more into the store downstairs. With packed food and a fridge with refreshments or some of the silly souvenirs travellers know and loathe!:wink:

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