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Professor Thaum

[Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 3] Luxuriant paradise

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Doctor's Thaum diary

Celestia, North of Vanilla Bay, January 618, the 9th


Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 5th day


The past two days were a struggle against barren rocks, cliffs and winds of the northwestern cape of the island.

We are now entering Orchid Bay, right in the very north of Celestia, we are close to the jungle but, if not rocky as the cliffs, the way must be very hard too.

We may have to fight with our cutlass to pass through the rank vegetation.

Luckily, the Garret twins are skilled buccaneers and theirs advices are very useful.



They found a path of plants mixed with sands, were it is very easy to walk through, Iauln took advantage and unearthed a ant-hill (with some giant ants) and Sven and I enjoyed some beautiful flowers (Fig 1 and Fig 2)

with one of them surely being an orchid (Fig 2) , but not The Great One I'm afraid.

1rs5.jpg Fig 1


c2bh.jpg Fig 2


C&C welcome as usual, third Cat. B entry one more to come before cat. C

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Very nice flowers Thaum. You've really taken this challenge on! Maybe you should have been in corrington :pir-tongue:

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Nice jungle and different types of flowers! I sincerely hope a Corrish flower-aficionado publishes a book summing up the vast variety of flowers encountered at Celestia!

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@Professor Thaum

To Doctor Thaum,

The Royal Society has received and reviewed your letters, particularly on orchids and flesh eating plants with great interest. As a result, we should like to invite you to give your initiation lecture to the Royal Society at your convenience, after which you will be considered a full fellow of the society.

Further, we should like to acknowledge the illustrative work done by your very able assistant, which has received considerable praise amongst our reviewers.

Further, we have bestowed upon you a research grant of 100 dbs to enable you to continue your studies of the flora of Celestia.


The executive committee

The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy

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