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[MOC] ZIL 4327 trial truck

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Hello everyone!
4 mounth ago I have built this model for outdoor trial. Long time is passed, sorry for it. But now I finished video. Let's take a look!
It is a trial truck with body from ZIL 4327l. This model has two-speed gearbox and winch.

 All function:

  1. Drive - 1 xl motor
  2. Steering - 1 m motor
  3. Winch - 1 m motor
  4. Changing gears - 1 m motor
  5. +Lipo battery and 2 IR receivers



I took body from this truck. It is ZIL 4327. Maybe I will build it without any modification...


Other photos:









Gearbox (top gear moves):





More photos:


Thanks for reading!
Hope you like it  :classic:

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7 hours ago, Aventador2004 said:

Nice crawler. What gear ratios?

Thanks. 1st gear - 1:8.3, 2nd gear - 1:5

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