Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

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@Feuer Zug@baard@JopieK@icemorons@Steamdemon

Thank you all very much.  Yes, the magnet is connected to the frame and not the bogie.

It's a pleasant surprise to see so many comments about the model.  I've posted the file (which I tinkered with for what seems like forever).  If you're curious and review the file, you will notice signs clearly indicating that this is my first attempt to make a train from the ground up.  I believe I used way too many pieces in an attempt to make sure everything was secure.  Learning some building techniques will help cut down on the piece count in the future, too.  The best techniques I used are the ones I borrowed from set 10020.  I made a minor modification while I was building it due to a connection fitting digitally but not physically, but I'm happy to say that the model is solid. 

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5 hours ago, Aaron said:

I was just floating the idea. I'm going to see what I can do with what I already have first before I spend any money on decals.

See brickvergnugen his idea in the 2018 topic! bluebonnet.jpg

Wow, really nice color. Hope we have enough of the dark blue bricks already. Anyway, this would also mean that I would also produce the portholes in Dark Blue for myself anyways. The others are 3,50 per four so not that expensive I think :).

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It's funny, I have been so obsessed about the nose on this MOC that I didn't realise how awesome the rest of the train is!!! Some great build techniques in there - especially the engine.

Last night I was playing with the digital file to see if I could modify it enough to get a light at the front, but, it defeated me.

Hey, @eric_son_of_joseph, I really think you should put this MOC up on Lego Ideas. I think the Santa Fe has built up enough fans over the years (and enough people missed out on buying it) that it could actually be the first train to get the required votes.

Can't hurt to try...

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