[WIP] Meet Anton, the 0-6-0 Tender locomotive

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I've been quite busy with a project of mine...and she's coming along very nicely.


I've named the locomotive Anton, and she's a 0-6-0 tender locomotive. She's the one between the Iron Workhorse and the Winter Holiday locomotive. I'm currently planning how to design the tender, as I want the power functions in the tender. the question is, what size tender should I attempt? Too long and it looks quite ridiculous to have a small locomotive with a large tender, and too short, and I won't be able to fit the train motor anywhere. Of course, Power functions are expensive, and that's why the tender is still in the planning stage.

Apologies for the photo quality.

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Hi Steamdemon,

I see that you are working in 6 wide, might I recommend the 6×16 train base with motor cut-out. As its almost minimum length to have all PF in the tender.

Versions with both buffers and no buffers exist, thus giving you multiple options. They are available in Red (which looks best for tender builds in my opinion).

Being in the UK, like you, I suggest BrickLink as the most cost effective place to buy as ebay sellers charge somewhat over the odds for these c.1980s pieces!

I've been doing similar builds to you in the past so know it is possible to accommodate motor, battery, receiver and lights, plus associated wires in such space!

As for Power Functions, I recommend buying a reduced 60051. (From somewhere like Asda, Tesco, etc, as they have been selling them somewhat cheap recently.)

Then, take out all the useful pieces you need from the set like PF parts, wheels, buffers, 6x24 bases...

I suggest listing the remaining parts as a bulk lot on ebay (if you don't keep the majority of parts) - I've done so before as the pieces sell within a week or two of listing.

Hope that info helps!

Regards, James

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Thanks for the advice. I know the part you mean. I'll check it out.

EDIT: Bought two bufferless motor cutout plates, 3058. This should be interesting as a tender base.

EDIT 2: Anton's tender is nearly finished. Used an existing 9V battery box and conversion cable, but at some point, I'm going to get a rechargeable battery box and the newer IR speed controller. The wiring is insane...

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Progress on Anton

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The tender works. Unfortunately, I found out that the 9V box Can't handle heavy loads...She runs fine with just her tender and a small wagon, but any more than that, the Receiver cuts out. I'm going to get a rechargeable battery box, as that should solve the problem.


Kinda glad I made it so that the battery box and IR Receiver are removable...


EDIT: The rechargeable battery box has arrived, as did the charger. She can handle heavier loads now. The height of the Battery box meant I needed to add more to the tender. At least the wiring's a lot more tidier! :D


EDIT 2: Check these out:



Tender is a lot taller, to accommodate the slightly taller battery box.


Cab view. I'm nearly finished on the roof.


Side view. I need to add wheel arches.


Didn't leave enough room for a central headcode lamp, so I couldn't do the full Royal Train headcode.

Anyway, I'm really proud of this...Thanks @JEB314 (James) for the advice on the tender. Really helped. And it's my first foray into the world of PF! :laugh:


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Pics of Anton

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