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Professor Thaum

[Era II - Ch I - Cat. B - nmr 1] Healthy shore

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Doctor's Thaum diary

Jameston, January 618, the 5th


Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 1st day


After a momentous air travel with Callaghan, my dear Iauln and the magnificent Sven, followed by a recordative crash near the shore, we catch the Garret twins up in Jameston.

All was ready for the expedition, as I've asked, and I am very pleased !

Today we walked along the shore of Celestia, heading north, along the beautifull Vanilla Bay, I was amazed by the profusion of flora and fauna, what a healthy shore !!


The waters are so great provider that we met a very special crab (Fig 1) , with a very high body mass index, he certainly greatly benefits of the fishy shore.

As we never met such a crab, Sven decide to name it a cancer pagurus gigas.  Iauln tried to catch it with its dip net but didn't succeed.

However, he drew a pretty good image of it. We also found a strange five-stemed plant (Fig 2) , with very poor roots (only to grab the sandy ground)

which seems to feed on sea spray's salt. As for the gigantic crab, we called it a Svenia Saltis. Iauln, drew it fine too, he is a talented drawer for sure.


p8sk.jpg Fig 1

                                      cancer pagurus gigas


9hcg.jpgFig 2

                                   svenia saltis




First cat B entry for me, C&C welcome

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On 05/01/2018 at 3:28 PM, Bodi said:

Nice shore scene Thaum, I like that crabe!:laugh:

Thanks, I've made this built around that crab ! He was the first built and gave me the idea. He was once designed for being caught with a net by the Andromeda near the LaCrosse wreck.

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