[MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

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On 23.1.2018 at 5:16 PM, Grover said:

I also appreciate that you were able to do this without being in a LUG.  The number of olive green and dark orange parts available show your perseverance in procuring these parts.

In fact I 'lost' years just getting the parts.

After about one year of buying old collections I realized I never would be able to gather enough parts. I bought about 350 KG (I did some book keeping so I know the weight and the money I spent and the money I got from selling the parts I (assumedly) would never need). I ended with lots of tan and grey parts, but almost nothing in olive, dark orange, medium dark flesh etc. and only a handful of dark green leaves.

I checked out china, :devil: but they do not offer the rare colours.
I spent weeks and about 100 experiments trying to dye Lego with Aceton *huh*.
As a matter of fact you can really get the exact(!) dark red, dark orange or olive tone from red, orange or lime.
Unfortunately the results vary and are unpredictable. The parameters are: heat, time, the mix of water and acetone and if there was already some Lego dissolved in the aceton. I have some test bricks with 10 shades of dark red and you can not tell which one is Lego and which one is dyed because even the Lego colour varies a lot!

So after all I decided to stick with the real thing. :laugh:
It feels kind of childish today doing these things instead of just spending some money :grin:

I met someone by chance in the Lego Store who was showing a MOC with many leaves there. He told me: Ebay. :sceptic: (Today I would say he didn't tell me the truth because Lugbulk was kept a secret in the beginning)
 I even knew then that Ebay was no way of getting parts. I have already read some rumours about Lugbulk but as I never did a MOC (because I had no parts) I didn't see any chance to take part in.

I sold all the minifigs and the sets I restored out of the collections and just bought tons of Lego via Bricklink with the money I made.

I have about a hundred times(!) more olive or medium dark flesh (dark orange is only used for the leaves, the small house is done in medium dark flesh) than what you can see in my MOC :wink:

On 23.1.2018 at 5:16 PM, Grover said:

A lot of people say "you don't need a big collection of Lego to build great things".  While that is technically true, I find it to be disingenuous.  As you have determined, you need a collection of the right parts.  You could not have built anything like this by buying the 'classic' bulk Lego buckets; a lot of folks get these parts through the LUG program, which is great for them, but it is not realistic for most of us to get parts this way.

I would disagree, too.
My aim was to build medium MOCs in almost any colour or style I like.
You need tons of bricks to do that! Bricks that you can not buy in the stores and that you will not find in collections.
In fact I needed only a small fraction of my Lego to build this MOC. But how do you know which parts you are going to need?

As for beginners: my advice would be to get connected. Join forums, talk with the members there, do rebuilds with sets you have etc.
I decided to do it on my own. But I would no one advice to. It might take years.

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On 23.1.2018 at 10:59 AM, Captain Edward said:

Really wondering how it doesn't fall apart!

Hinges! Lots(!) of them!
Luckily I could buy a few hundred in the Lego Store of cologne :laugh:

On 24.1.2018 at 2:29 AM, uwjedi said:

Wow!  MOC #1?  Can't wait to see #2:grin:

My second one is a letdown :cry_sad:

I tried something experimental and couldn't make it work.
Let's wait for the next one.

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Staring at this crooked creation for a few minutes made me dizzy...a first for LEGO! What a stunning build with off the wall techniques. The trees look magnificent to me! Constant winds can turn many trees into the weirdest shapes. So the leaning trees did not bother me. Can’t wait to see your second MOC!

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