Weak clutch gear [idea]

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Howdy folks.

Like many of you I'm sure, I'm taking the time to do a bit of building in the time off between Christmas and New Year. I've come across this little design that I haven't seen before, and thought I'd share in case someone finds it useful.

If you would normally be using one of those white 24-tooth clutch gears (that slip after a certain torque is reached) but the torque limit for that gear is too high, or you can't fit the spur gear easily in your drivetrain, you may find this construction useful:


Now, I accept that in practice it could be trick to work this into a MOC - the gear can only be supported one one side (unless you put a pin-joiner on the end and extend the axle from that) and a stud away from the support at that. But these aren't insurmountable, and if it's all you have, then you'll make do!

On the other hand, it's also useful if you want to _add_ friction to a drivetrain for whatever reason. An alternative to sticking a normal gear on a friction pin.


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It's a great idea, but I think you should adjust the title to include the fact that it's an idea, as just by reading the title, I thought you had a weak z24 clutch gear.

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Great idea, you could also use the new (red) 16z clutch gear - which would be a bit easier to use.

1 hour ago, Saberwing40k said:

but I think you should adjust the title

Agreed. Something like "Weaker clutch gear idea" ?

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