The Stad

[Prologue] Recruiting: Part 1

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The pilot dipped the cutter down out of the low clouds to get a better bearing on his surroundings.  Scanners weren't picking up very much tech in the area, though their records showed that their destination was close.  This would require old-fashioned visual guidance.  Below them a partially frozen river wound through the narrow valley, alongside an ancient dirt road that had been carved out of the rocky mountainsides.  It shouldn't be too much further now he figured as he angled the craft towards a gap in the mountains.  Still, he wondered if this guy was really worth all this effort.



The cutter from the front:


The valley overview:

27575925339_e9edf60d4e.jpg by

I've been sitting on this for a long time, just haven't had a chance to photograph it until recently.  C&C welcome on this, my first (posted) build for AG.

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The microscape is great, and I'm usually a sucker for microscale ships, too. :thumbup:

I look forward to your next chapter.

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