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Trace (Axiom Verge) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr

Trace is the main protagonist of the videogame Axiom Verge, a pixel-styled metroidvania that was created by a single person as a "love letter" to Super Metroid.

Trace was a scientist in a laser lab stationed in New Mexico. One day some sort of malfunction occurred, bringing down the lab along with science team, including Trace.

Next thing he knew, he awakened in a strange, alien place, to the voice of a stranger who introduced herself as Elsenova.

Armed with nothing but a biomechanical Axiom Disruptor gun and Elsenova's voice, Trace must find his way back home...

Shoutout to Demitsorou for post-processing the original render. They've knocked it out of the park lol.

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Just now, CappnRob said:

Love Axiom Verge, love this build! Great job on the axiom disruptor in particular.

Thank you!


And I totally agree that Axiom Verge is an amazing game! Gotta love this alien biomechanical environment!

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