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[MOC] - Armored Recreational Vehicle

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The "ARV"-Armored Recreational Vehicle

The post-apocalyptic Wastelands in the Future can be quite dangerous and treacherous,but what if you have a Family you want to protect and you want to find a better Place to live?
Well,just hope you got one of these,the "ARV" (stands for "Armored Recreational Vehicle).
A once ordinary Offroad Van,this Allwheel drived Vehicle gets through pretty much everything thanks to the rugged and massive Cage that protects the vulnerable Enginebay and Windshield from Damage.

I wanted to try the new flared Fender Pieces Lego introduced this Year and one Thing i immediatly thought of was "rugged 4x4 Camper".
The Roofrack holds some Luggage and Sparewheels which are hold in Place by a strong Net.
The Grill Area contains a Nod to 2 older Lego Sets,Hero Factory (see the little Badge?) and Power Miners.









I hope you like this Creation,Comments are always welcome :D

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