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[SR - FB3 Dec] The Trial of Sinbad part 4

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2:
Sinbad the Pirate
Hang The Rules
Rescued Shipwright
Shipwright's Office
The Komodo Dragon
"Because They're Pirates!"
Fish Market
The Trial of Sinbad
The Trial of Sinbad part 2
The Trial of Sinbad part 3

25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgYou claim my client is "not nice."

38276434644_9dc67ebdaf_s.jpgYou're twisting my words! I'm saying your client is guilty of acting evilly. 

BoBS Trial of Sinbad part 2

25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgGentlemen of the court, you may not realize this, but one of the causalities when the HMS Mardier's Misfit sank had a widow who lives in this very city.

BoBS Tidings


25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgA Corrington officer brought her the bad news. She was greatly distraught and now had no way to provide for herself and her household. The Corrington officer could do nothing more than offer his condolences.

BoBS Tidings

25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgBut when Sinbad heard about her plight. He brought her enough money to live on for at least the next year.

BoBS The Trial of Sinbad

25121026848_cb35b1644e_s.jpgNow you tell me, does this sound like the actions of a man bent on evil?

To be continued...

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