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I've been fiddling with that blackknight helmet and the mech torso for a while, it finally came together.  


The mudflap piece creates an amazing seal along the front of the mech torso.  Also giving you hidden room for control detail.

I stole the hand design and I find it very stable.

20171224_104758.jpgOops I left one the collars up a bit.  Yeah that random knight will just have to do for now.




Used the rounded click hinge for the collars.


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Really cool MOC!

I particulary love the new ankle joints. Would you care to provide some pics on how they are built?

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Oh wow, I'm late.


Okay Below is a better pic of the sandwhich:



If you look at the ankles in this picture I think you can get the idea.  Simple ball cup ankle, but in front of the joint are two of the newish tiny triangle wedge plates, one on the cup and the other on the ball.  I used brackets on the sides to cover the joint from the side, but its open on the inside of the legs and somewhat from the rear. 


Bonus Pic:


On another note,

How sad that Nexo Knights is ending.  I was really enjoying some of the parts.  I think they may have strayed too far from the Techno Castle look in some of the sets and may not have really found the right enemy to run with.  :sceptic:

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Oh, I need to check if I happen to have those pieces as well. I think I could apply it to some of my Transformers MOCs.

And I must once again say that I love the bulky feel of this Exosuit. Really makes me want to mod the ones I got in a similiar fashion. :wink:

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