[Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 4] Follow the River

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Moving: We want to use our 2 points to move 1 square down and 1 left to end up on E20, if its npt possible, than 2 down to F21.





The operation on the forest moon of Endor has begun. As all or the available troops on the plane, we got the order to reach the shield generator and protect it from rebellious terrorist. After rushing through the forest our squad reached a river and now we are following it as long as possible.





Here is the album with full size pictures:


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No comments yet? Dang! That's a superb build, small, but detailed and lively. I like the tree and the shore with the irregular water. I think you packed a lot of variety into a relatively small space. Great stuff!

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Great build. I really like how you built the rocks. There are my favorites. Also the combination of colors really makes this stand out. Great job!

For practice I tried to rebuild it and the rocks really are a highlight 

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