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[COR WTC] A letter to Colonel Allcock

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Not too far away from Fort Argavia, Mordo stood and watched it through the window of what was soon to be the WTCs own fort.



Suddenly he was interrupted by a hooded man.


"Listen, young Mr. Mordo. This fort needs to be operational as soon as possible. We will have the Crowns minions swarming Mesabi Landing shortly, and I want them confronted with facts."



Mordo replied: "Sir, is this in any way related to the trial in Mooreton Bay? What about that anyway, do we not take action to get at least the crew out of there?"


The response came in a voice cold as ice: "That is none of your business anymore. You will take care of our possessions in Mesabi Landing and get this fort done. You will also get any and all goods out of our warehouses that might be even the slightest bit suspicious to an overzealous Corrington inspector. Finally you will take care of our men and women and get them sobered up. When the Crown arrives, I want the WTC to be a shining example of professionalism and loyalty! If only for a few days..."


"But sir, have you not read the response we got from Hume? It was nothing but a list of arrogant accusation and insults! Am I supposed to let that stand?!"



"As I said, it is none of your business - and I will not repeat that again. Swallow your hurt pride for the time being. Nobody is asking you to forgive or forget. A blithering idiot like Hume can be dealt with later, when this affair is dead and buried. For now we will play along. This letter, written in your name, has to reach Colonel Allcock quickly. Then follow your orders - make it so."



And without another word, he left Mordo, who remained confused and frustrated.


The letter to Colonel Allcock (@Ayrlego) reads as follows:


Mesabi Landing, 21st of December, 617AE


To the honourable Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock, Colonial Governor of the Paradise Isles, Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose, Secretary of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy,


Dear Sir,

I am Kadeus Mordo, current representative of the Wayfarer Trading Company in Mesabi Landing, and I wish to inform you about highly unpleasant developments in our beloved settlement, as well as ask for help to restore peace and order.


The biggest issue is, and I am sorry for having to be so blunt about it, the dire state of the local garrison. The morals of the stationed troops has been lacking from the very start, but the main problem seems to be their commander, Major Mason. From what we have to experience, Major Mason is burdened with a massive amount of incompetence and an unwillingness to care for the Crowns possessions on Argentia. The fort itself is in poor conditions – there is not even a functioning front gate! We also have it on good authority that the Major has more than once threatened to destroy the settlement of Mesabi Landing. I hope you see my point that the WTC is no longer willing to live with this situation.


The WTC has begun to set up of fort of our own to protect this settlement and the nearby trade routes. As you sure are aware, the sightings of ships under the colours of known pirates have risen to an alarming rate over the last weeks, and if the local garrison is seemingly unable to be up to its tasks, we have to react accordingly. It would be greatly appreciated if the Crown could send one or more advisors to support the final building stages and to ensure that Corlander standards are met.


Another point I have to bring up is the issue of taxes. As already mentioned, the Crowns interests have been poorly cared for under the Majors regime, and I am sorry to say that this includes the collection of harbour taxes – a valuable source of income for our beloved Queen, as you are aware for sure. The local tax office has been allowed to fall into ruins I am afraid. The WTC has taken matters into its hands – we are quite proud of our harbour facilities, business is running smoothly – but we would appreciate if the Crown could do its part again.


Last, but by no means least, we have increasing problems with some of the local citizens. While we appreciate any respectable new settler in Mesabi Landing, some of the arrivals as of late have been more than a bit dubious. I wish to illustrate this with two examples:

  • Samuel Morris, owner of the „Twin Palms“ inn. Mr. Morris has been found to serve adulterated wine and other beverages not meeting proper standards in his establishment – we had multiple cases of severe sickness among WTC personell as a result. Mr. Morris has also, on multiple occasions, cheated our honourable employees out of money. As a result, the „Twin Palms“ has been out of customers for some time, and seems to only attract outsiders of questionable character by now. For about a month now Mr. Morris „employs“ a woman from abroad; it can not be for work in the inn, for there is no work to be done due to a lack of customers. We wonder what Mr. Morris is paying this woman for. Please note that the WTC can not allow prostitution in Mesabi Landing! With Major Mason either unwilling or unable to act, we can not resolve this problem.

  • A Miss Winterbottom is another cause for severe civil unrest. She seems to hold dangerously unscientific world views – the likes of which we are usually only familiar with from Oleander fanatics of The Faith – and aggressively propagates them, disturbing the public peace almost daily. She seems to be unwilling to be reasoned with, and continues her nefarious shenanigans. Again, the local garrison has been of no help.

Under normal circumstances, these people would be dealt with in close cooperation with the local Corlander authorities. With somebody like Major Mason in charge this is all but impossible though.



Dear Sir, I kindly ask for help from the Crown to restore peace and order in Mesabi Landing and to ensure the safety of Corringtons citizens and possessions in these dangerous times. We propose the following options, in the hope that you find one or more of them to be appropriate:

  1. To relieve Major Mason and his troops, and replace them with competent members of Her military.

  2. To send a corps of engineers to rebuild the fort and the harbour tax office to proper Corlander standards, as well as logistic support for the fortification mentioned further above.

  3. To temporarily or permanently station civil personell to deal with the above mentioned cases of civil misconduct.


On top of any of these possible approaches to our problems the WTC would like to know under what circumstances a limited amount of judicial and executive power might be given to our officials. For then we could deal with minor issues on our own, without bothering the Crown in each and every one case.


We hope to solve these affairs in a joint effort and in close cooperation with the Crowns representatives, and are looking forward to your reply. Yours truly,


Kadeus Mordo


Long live the Queen!





Just a little progression of some story elements from the Tyrell trial. The WTC fort is both IC and OOC still in construction, here are some shots of the current WIP state:





C&C as well as ideas for the rest of the build are appreciated.


There are also two pictures of my microbuild of Fort Argavia:




The "huge mortar" is not actually attached, I could not find a better solution in this scale. I think it is reasonably close to @Mesabis original build.

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Intriguing developments, indeed! Who is this mysterious hooded person? What is the plan? Why invite the Crown to take more control? I can't wait to see where this collaboration is going!

I like how you did the "first-person" perspective for the first image, overlooking the fort! The scene indoors could perhaps have been served by a bit darker lighting, to give a more mysterious feel.

The fort is looking good, I like how you're integrating the jail to the natural rock, and the yellow-white colour scheme which give a very classic lego pirates look!

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I'm liking the beginnings of the fort - as Flavius mentions all that yellow is going to make a very classic look. The mini fort is very nicely done as well, the mortar was instantly recognisable. Also, I haven't commented before, but I like the Mordo minifig combo. This will probably betray my ignorance here, but it's a superhero combo right? Also I can't remember, is Mordo your sigfig?

Allcock will reply shortly. I'm going to be short of building time for the next couple of days though, so it may be a bit delayed.

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Thanks for the comments everybody! :thumbup:


On 23.12.2017 at 11:19 AM, Ayrlego said:

Also, I haven't commented before, but I like the Mordo minifig combo. This will probably betray my ignorance here, but it's a superhero combo right? Also I can't remember, is Mordo your sigfig?

Mordo comes 1:1 from the "Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum" set - I changed nothing about the minifig, not even the name. Despite all the attention I give him, Mordo is only one of my side characters. My (neglected) main character and sigfig is Reinhard Wolffson.

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